Community Suggestions Voting

Greetings, Minna no Anime:

Want to see what everyone suggested and vote on them so that the officers know what's popular amongst club members? Sounds like you should check out this form before 10pm on May 9th then, since that's when voting closes. But here are some basic pieces of information you should be aware of beforehand:

All suggestions which were deemed too inappropriate for club, have too large of an episode count, and/or have been shown in club within the past 5 years have been removed to abide by scheduling policies. There are some questionable entries on the form, and we are aware of this. However, we wanted to cut the least amount of shows possible, and we expect people to vote responsibly. We will be making further considerations once voting has been completed.

You will need to enter your name and email in order to vote. This is to ensure that people only submit ONE response. Names will removed from responses after verification and will have no influence on schedule considerations. If we can't match a response to a club member, it will be cast to the void. Due to this, you've been given the ability to edit your response after you submit.

Please check all shows you would like to be considered for next year's club schedule. Note: what you deem "good" may not be good for club. On that subject, the form has been randomized so that there is no clear order.

That's all for now, see y'all later.

- Shawn

Officer Election Results + Community Suggestions

Hey, Minna n0 Anime!

Now that the voting period has ended, the officers for next year have been decided. Thank you to every paid member who voted!

New Officer Team

President: Kellen Dobson

Vice President: Jonathan Skelly

Treasurer: Kaela Getz

Secretary: Natalie Lusk

Scribe: Conrad Kinsey

Event Coordinator: Wesley Deffenbaugh

Webmaster: Shawn Budwal (me)

But wait, there's more:

Do you have any series that you think MNA should watch next year? Sounds like you should fill out this Community Suggestion Form to let the officers know. We will be looking at all of the community suggestions when we put together the 2020-2021 schedule. Please submit all your shows by April 25th. That's all for now, hopefully I can see all of you in Fall Quarter!

- Shawn

Officer Elections + Meeting Updates

Attention Minna!

Officer elections are now LIVE! If you are a paid member, make sure to participate in the selection of next year's officers. But first, make sure you read through all of the speeches given by the candidates, which can be found here. Who knows, maybe you'll be unexpectedly impressed and change your mind about your rankings for a particular position. It is important to read all of the speeches BEFORE you vote, as you cannot change your vote through the web system once you have submitted it.

To vote, use this link and log in with your forum account information. As a reminder, only paid members can vote! If you experience any difficulties with voting, please contact the Webmaster (preferably over Discord).

Let's have a great election!


our meetings are now all online! All of the episodes will be released weekly in Google drive folders, and this message will be updated to include them. Some people will be streaming on Saturdays through our Discord server, but feel free to watch the episodes on your own time. Please note that all the shows work in the Google Drive player except for Haibane Renmei and Gankutsuou, which need to be downloaded and then opened in a media player to access the subtitles. If you need help with this, please ask.

The episodes for April 11th can be found here.

The episodes for April 25th can be found here. Please be warned, there is an assault scene in this week's episode of Gankutsuou.

That's all for now! I hope Spring quarter goes well for all of you!

- Shawn, the Webmaster

Officer Elections Update

Hello, MNA!

Now that finals are officially over, we can send out some announcements regarding next quarter! We're working on setting up a Google Drive system so that we can continue to provide weekly anime, but expect more information on that in the future. We have 2 weeks of Spring Break to get through anyways.

Officer elections will start on April 11th at 6pm. This will include two links: one that includes all the candidate speeches and another with the voting form itself. These will be available on discord, on the website, and in emails. This date is the Saturday we would have gotten back from Spring Break if we were meeting in-person. There is no reason to change the date, since the form is electronic, so elections are resuming like normal. Voting will run for a week, and results will be posted on the morning of Sunday, April 19th.

To prospective officers:

Don't forget to turn in a short description of yourself directly to me by the time it reaches one hour before MNA elections start (so 5pm). This will be included in a Google document that will be shared with club via the Discord server at the time of elections, so consider it to be your speech. Some key points you should address are: why you want to run for an officer position, what relevant experience you have, and how active you are in this club. You do not have to cover these topics, but it is strongly recommended, and you may also add other pertinent information. If you feel comfortable doing so, you may include what shows you would nominate for next year's schedule. Make sure you respond to me by 5pm on April 11th, and notify me at any time if there are changes you would like to make. This includes if you would like to change what positions you intend to run for.

If you have not filled out the officer interest form to run for a position, you may do so until 5pm on April 11th.

That's all for now!

- Minna no Anime Electoral Committee
(aka the Webmaster)

Room Change for Thursday!

Attention, Minna no Anime!

Due to circumstances, our hangout room was moved to University Union room 220. Our Saturday meeting will still be in the Silo. This will only affect this week's meeting.

- Shawn

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