Thanks for an amazing Club Showcase!! Minna no Anime will resume its regularly scheduled broadcasts. Join us for Hangouts on Thursdays and our weekly watchathons on Saturdays. Hope to see you there!

Day 0/Club Showcase (UPDATED)

Hey, Minna!

Even though club doesn’t officially start until the 28th, we have a special treat for those of you eager to come back. It’s Minna no Anime Day Zero, of course! On the 21st, we’ll be returning to the Silo to hang out and watch anime. But be warned, our Day Zero schedule will feature shows that will NOT be shown during the rest of the year. For our official 2019-2020 schedule, please check the previous announcement or the Schedule page.

Day Zero Schedule

5:10 PM: Little Witch Academia 2013

5:40 PM: K-On Episode 1

6:10 PM: Bakuman Episode 1

6:40 PM: The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 1

7:05 PM: Dinner

8:05 PM: Hunter x Hunter Episode 1

8:35 PM: Revolutionary Girl Utena Episode 1

9:05 PM: Eureka Seven Episode 1

9:35 PM: Gurren Lagann Episode 1

Club Showcase

On the 22nd, we will have a booth at Club Showcase. Feel free to stop by and chat with returning and incoming members alike. If you have anything to display at the booth, let the officers know and bring it on the day of. More information about the booth location will come out later, as we won't receive that information until approximately 48 hours before the event. An email will be sent out once we know our location. We hope to see you there!

Now that we've received more information, we can tell you that our booth is at E-23:

Well, that was a lot of information, but hopefully it wasn’t too much. Enjoy your freedom while it lasts.

See you soon!

2019-2020 Schedule

Hello, new and old members alike! Summer Break is unfortunately coming to a close, with the start of school rearing its ugly face right around the corner. But that just means that your regularly scheduled MNA meetings will begin soon, on September 28th. The officers are proud to present the list of shows we'll be watching at club this year, and we hope you look forward to our picks!

5:10 PM: Little Witch Academia
5:40 PM: Hyouka
6:10 PM: Princess Jellyfish (Fall) & Usagi Drop (Winter/Spring)
6:40 PM: Kyousogiga (Fall) & Flip Flappers (Winter/Spring)
7:05 PM: Dinner
8:05 PM: Serial Experiments Lain (Fall) & Princess Principal (Winter/Spring)
8:35 PM: Made in Abyss (Fall) & Haibane Renmei (Winter/Spring)
9:05 PM: Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
9:35 PM: Cowboy Bebop (Dub)


When and where does MNA meet?
MNA hosts our main viewing meetings on Saturdays in 03-213, also known as the Buisness Silo. We also meet on Thursdays in building 52, room E3 (like the gaming event). If you can't find these locations, use the Cal Poly App or go to Information regarding our meetings can always be found on our sidebar, on the right side of the homepage.

Are you really showing a dub?
Yes! For the first time in MNA history, we are showing a dub. Cowboy Bebop is well-known in the anime community for having one of the greatest English dubs of all time, and we thought watching it would be an enjoyable club experience. If you happen to disagree, you are always welcome to leave early. Members are not required to attend meetings for the entire duration, and we encourage people to come and go whenever they are available.

When is the Halloween Party?
Ah, you must be a returning member to ask such a question! Our annual Halloween Party will be on October 26th. More information regarding this will be released closer to the date.

Why does the website look different?
The officer team recently gave the website an aesthetic upgrade. If you are curious about how the website used to look, ask one of us!

That's all for now! Have a great rest of your summer!!

Summer Minna

Final grades got ya down? Part time summer job not paying the bills? Sweltering heat making ya search for a reason to stay indoors? Forget these worries and more by coming to...

Summer Minna

Drop your binges and beach episodes cuz Summer Minna is upon us. Join us in Cal Poly room 03-114 for shows and movies of your choosing, every Saturday 5PM to 10PM (standard club hours) until college restarts in the fall! Wow, that's pretty sugoi.

If you would like to join the exclusive Summer Minna Discord channel, check out our Discord and read the announcements channel.

That is all.

(This announcement is brought to you by our Vice President, Jon.)

Goshi (Spring vers)

Hey, Minna!

It's once again that time of the quarter. Finals is quickly approaching (use Memorial Day Weekend wisely), but that means that our quarterly trip to Goshi is also soon! For those of you that aren't aware, Goshi is a Japanese restaurant downtown that we as a club go to the Sunday before finals (June 9th this quarter). To sign up, check out this link and be sure to place your orders by the end of the club meeting on June 1st. There is a limited amount of seats, so be sure to claim your spot and order ASAP!

Hope to see you there!

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