3, 2, Day 1, Day 0, Showcase!

Greetings loyal followers of Minna! As you return to SLO and mentally prepare yourselves to return to class oh so soon, your Webmaster Hannah has some announcements for you.

Club Showcase (UPDATED!!)

This coming Sunday (September 17th in the year of Nyanko Sensei) we have Club Showcase. This is a chance for us to get out there and spread our name amongst the new students. It will last from 10AM to 1PM, but we'll need able-bodied hands to help set up in the morning (around 9AM). We'll be located in E30, which is in the H16 Parking Lot near PCV. Stop by any time to bring a bit of life to the booth.

Also, please bring anime memorabilia and the likes to decorate our booth. Art, figurines, DVDs, books, and anything anime related is okay, but be selective in what you bring. I should not have to specify.

Day Zero

We have a special meeting for returning members, so that you have something to help you get back into the swing of things. From 5:10PM to 10PM we will be having a special selection of superb shows selected by the scintillating officership (don't you love alliteration? :) ) for your enjoyment. These shows will not be continued as we move into the school year, but do you really need a better excuse to come watch anime with great folks?

Day One

The next Saturday after Day Zero (September 23rd), we will begin our regular selection of anime for the year.

Members new and old! This is the time for you to emerge from the woodwork and dusty holes you have been locked in all summer and join us as we begin a new era! Find us in 03-213, also known as the Business Silo. If you can't find it, use the Cal Poly App or got to http://maps.calpoly.edu.

May we meet soon, Minna. This has been your daily service announcement. Beam me up, Isaac!

2017-2018 Schedule!

Helllooooooo MINNA!!!! How's everyone's summer going?

This is your Webmaster Hannah bringing you some great news! We, the great and powerful Minna no Anime officers, have finally decided to reveal the 2017-2018 Schedule! (*・∀-)☆

Hello everyone! This is Hannah, your Webmaster!

Without Further Ado, the 2017-2018 Schedule!

5.10 PM: Simulcast of the Week*
5:35 PM - Angelic Layer
6:10 PM - Ouran High School Host Club
6:35 PM - Non Non Biyori (FALL) & Sweetness and Lightning (Amaama to Inazuma) (WINTER/SPRING)
7:00 PM - Dinner Break!! Yum yum yum!
8:05 PM - Kino's Journey (FALL)/Humanity Has Declined (WINTER/SPRING)
8:30 PM - Rage of Bahamut: Genisis (FALL)/ Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront) (WINTER/SPRING)
9:05 PM - Mob Psycho 100 (FALL)/ Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (WINTER-SPRING)
9:30 PM - Samurai Champloo
* These are voted on by members, and are streamed from Crunchyroll.
** At any time if you want to just take a break, or aren't interested in what's being shown in a certain timeslot, we have a side-room where you can hang out and discuss anime with other members!

Where We Are

We'll be meeting on Saturdays in 03-213, also known as the Buisness Silo. If you can't find it, use the Cal Poly App or got to http://maps.calpoly.edu.

To learn more about previous shows we have shown over the years, check out our schedule page

Until later! This has been your Webmaster Hannah. Beam me up, Isaac!

Summer Minna

Greetings Minna! How's everyone's summer?

Speaking of summer, Summer Minna is going on this summer (sorry for the late announcement), until school starts back up in September (seems so far away...). So if you want to watch random anime, bring whatever anime you want to room 03-112 (the viewing room).

Until we meet again, Minna. This has been your webmaster, Hannah. Beam me up, Isaac!

Anime Options for the Year Ahead

Hello Minna!

Are you interested in having a voice in next year’s anime? Well, next year’s officers are starting to talk about the anime we’ll be showing! What an important decision! But we like to hear what you, the members, have to say! If you’re interested in helping us choose some anime, fill out this form here.

Note that we hold the authority to say to no a suggestion, and not all suggestions will be chosen.

This has been your webmaster, Hannah, signing out. Beam me up, Isaac!

OH Thanks and New Quarter

Hey Minna! Everyone's ready for a new quarter?

Anyways, thanks to everyone who showed up on Saturday to help at Open House. The wind was annoying, but we endured! Thanks!

Anyway, it's a new quarter, but it's the same old Minna as before. Come join us on Thursdays for Minna no Hangout to hangout with other members for a casual de-stress mid-week, and then we have our normal shows on Saturday. Events coming up this quarter include Fanime and our quarterly Goshi trip, but other than that, it's looking like a normal spring quarter for Minna no Anime.

That's it for now, Minna. Until next time, this has been your webmaster, Hannah. Beam me up, Isaac!

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