[IMPORTANT] End of Quarter Announcements

I'mma be real with y'all, I'm in the middle of visiting family for a late Thanksgiving celebration so I'm essentially going to be copying and pasting what others have already said, but keep in mind this announcement is SUPER IMPORTANT.

White Elephant Gift Exchange

On Thursday, Dec 5th, during hangout from 6 to 10 PM in 52-E3, we will be holding a gift exchange! This exchange will be white-elephant style.
Here are the rules for the gift exchange:
1. Every entrant will have a WRAPPED gift that does not exceed $20 in value.
2. On the day the gift exchange is scheduled, entrants will bring their gifts in to the meeting.
3. A random person will be selected, and the picking of gifts will continue in a circle, clockwise.
4. Once it is your turn, you have two options: either pick a gift from the collective pile, or steal a present in play. Each item has two "steals", meaning that a participant can only steal an item if it has not been stolen before, or only stolen once. After these two steals, this item will not be able to be stolen again. If both participants have an item, it is a simple item swap.
5. The game will continue until every person has an item.
If you would like to participate, bring a wrapped gift under $20 in value to Hangout. Only members with gifts can participate so that there are the same amount of gifts as players.

Movie Night

On Saturday, Dec 7th, we will be holding our quarterly Movie Night! Our meeting will start at 5:00 in our sideroom in the business building (03-114) with weekly shows before dinner. At 8:00 PM, we will be showing Akira, a classic 80's action movie about espers and biker gangs! It's set in 2019, so this is the last time to watch it with club in its occurring year! So you're informed, this movie has gore throughout and a short nudity/assault scene.
Also at this meeting will be our quarterly members' giveaway. Paid members who have 7 or more weekly stamps will be entered in a random lottery, where winners get a reward from our prize box. Be there for dinner break if you qualify.


On Sunday, Dec 8th, we will be hosting our quarterly Dinner at Goshis Japanese Restaurant! Because we got thrown off by the placement of Thanksgiving so close to the end of the quarter, we need you to sign up now. Click this link, login to your account, and sign up/select menu items before 10PM Monday Dec 2nd. If you do not have an account, access the Forum tab to the top right of the website homepage to make one. You need an account to reserve a spot and make an order (if you need, contact our webmaster on discord or at sbudwal3339@gmail.com for help). Reservations are first come, first serve up to 25 spots, and as of right now 18 of our spots have already been filled. Our location will be reconsidered if a large number of members won't be able to attend due to the space constraint.

Well that was a lot. Thanks for reading and enjoy what little remains of break, because dead week and finals are quickly approaching.
Your webmaster,


So, you're probably wondering...

What exactly is a Simulnight? That's a great question, especially since this event has never been held in club before. This Thursday, during Hangout, we will be showing the first episode of several shows which are airing this season (Fall 2019). Obviously, you may come and go as you please. Don't feel obligated to watch all of the shows if you aren't interested - Hangout will still be going on the entire time. Here is a brief schedule of the shows we are watching:

6:30 - Cautious Hero
7:00 - No Guns Life
7:30 - Dinner
8:05 - Beastars
8:35 - Hoshiai no Sora
9:05 - Kabukichou Sherlock
9:35 - Africa Salaryman

As always, we will be meeting in Building 52 Room E03.

Halloween Party

Hey, Minna!

As you may already know, the annual Halloween Party is taking place on Saturday, October 26! It will be held in the first floor of the Business Building (Building 03). This may come as a surprise to older members and alumni, as this event traditionally takes place on the first floor of Baker, but we were unable to acquire these rooms this year. Don’t worry, the building change will have no effect on our events.
Here is the complete schedule for the Halloween Party:

Now, here’s the part where we explain all of the events.


Building 3, Room 113

Trivia is a quiz competition similar to Jeopardy, with categories of related questions ranging from 100 to 500. In each round, eight players will be given buzzers and the first person to buzz in and answer a question correctly will earn the respective amount of points. If a player gets the question wrong, they will lose that amount of points and the other players will be able to answer the question. The contestant whomst answers a question correctly will choose the next question until all the questions on the board are cleared. Each round will contain two boards of categories. Except for the final round, which contains three boards of categories.

Anime Eyes

Also in Building 3, Room 113

Like in Trivia, each of the eight contestants will be given a buzzer. The screen will show a picture of an anime character, and the contestants must compete to see who can buzz in first and name the character. The catch, of course, is that the picture starts out incredibly pixelated, gaining clarity as time goes on. The earlier you buzz in, the more points you can earn by giving the correct answer. However, giving a wrong answer will cause you to lose just as many points. After each set of pictures has been gone through, the winner will be whoever has the highest point count. Keep in mind, you must actually give the character’s name, so answers like “the main character of Cowboy Bebop” won’t get you points.

Both Trivia and Eyes will have three preliminary rounds, which act as qualifiers for the Finals. The top players from the first three rounds will be entered into Finals. If you are a paid member of the club and you win Finals, then you’ll get a prize!

During Eyes and Trivia, all other rooms will be open. If you aren’t interested in Eyes and Trivia, feel free to bring games and consoles to chill in the game room with, check out a panel or two, or head to the side room for a break.


Building 3, Room 213 (The Silo)

While other events are going on, we have scheduled some panels for people to attend if they are interested in the topics being covered. This year, we have panels run by current officers and other members of the club, and they are all speaking about subjects they love. Don’t miss out on this opportunity (as you may never get it again).

Side Room

Building 3, Room 104

The Side Room is a great place to get away from all of the ensuing chaos, and is perfect for if you just need some time to relax. We will be bringing the club library to this room, so there will be a fair amount of manga to peruse, and assorted tabletop games to play with others. Until the end of the Anime Eyes Finals, there will also be movies playing in the background, but at a low volume. Overall, this room is free to use until the start of Evening Events.

Video Game Tournament

Building 3, Room 114

After Eyes and Trivia wrap up, the game room will be used to host a video game tournament, with the winner (if they’re a paid member) receiving a prize. We won’t reveal the game that we’re playing until the event, but it’s meant to be a game which will not excessively favor those who are familiar with it. So even if you aren’t a master gamer, you’ll still have a shot at the prize, and a guarantee of fun.

Evening Events (Starts after Gaming Tournament)

Building 3, Room 213 (The Silo)

After the conclusion of the Video Game tournament, we will have a bit of downtime to allow everyone to eat dinner. For convenience, we will be selling pizza during dinner, and soda will be available for purchase throughout the day.
While everyone is eating their dinner, a round of Officer Trivia will be held for the amusement of onlookers. Officer Trivia is structured just like regular Trivia, but it is the officers who are competing, with Trivia questions made by former officers or alumni. The questions in Officer Trivia are generally unfair and cruel, so it’s amusing to watch. Just ask Kellen what the first opening of Nisemonogatari is.

Once Officer Trivia has taken its toll, we will show entries for our contests:

Scavenger Hunt (Starts NOW)

If you click on this link, you will see that the officers have created a list of categories, along with the rules for our Scavenger Hunt. Entries for the Scavenger Hunt must be submitted to the officers by the Thursday, the 24th (but inform us directly if you are sending late). The idea for this competition is to take a picture (or pictures) that fit one (or multiple) of the categories. Whether they are literal, comedic, or ironic interpretations of the category, we’ll be judging based on the cleverness and creativity of the entry. During Halloween Party, the submissions the officers found to be the best will be shown, and one will be chosen to win a prize.

Art/Pumpkin Contest

Through the linked form, competitors may submit anime-related art or pumpkin art for entry into this contest. Submissions can also be brought as a photo, drawing, pumpkin, or other form of art, to Halloween Party to be showcased, and the audience will vote for which entry they believe is the best, which will receive a prize.

Cosplay Contest

Either show up or change into your cosplay in time for the competition, and the audience will once again vote for which competitor they think deserves the prize. Cosplay is not required to be from an anime (many past competitors have donned video game cosplays).

After all of the competitions have concluded, the officers will spend a brief period analyzing and calculating the results. During this time, we will have our Anime Credits segment run. This segment allows attendees to request anime OPs and EDs to be played, and we have tried to amass a sizable collection to ensure that we’re prepared for what you throw at us (Wesley went ham over this summer).


Once the officers have finished deliberating, they will return to announce the winners of the Halloween Party’s many awards. In addition to the prizes for each individual event, there will be grand prizes awarded to those who did well in multiple events throughout the Party. A single person cannot get multiple awards, so you’ll only receive the most valuable award you earned. This means that runners-up in many competitions may still have a shot at winning a prize, so stick around!

After the awards, there will be no more major events planned, but we will still have the rooms reserved until 10 PM, and will continue playing Anime Credits until either everyone leaves or it’s 10 PM and we’ll be forced to make you leave.

That’s a lot of events! Halloween Party is generally a very full day, so hopefully there’s something for everyone. You can come all day long for the FULL ANIME EXPERIENCE or you can just come by for whatever events interest you. While prizes are only given to paid members of the club, there is no fee for entry and you do not need to be a paid member to participate in any event. This makes Halloween Party a great time to come by even if you don’t usually attend our meetings, and to invite your friends to join in on the fun. I personally met one of my best friends at the Halloween Party my first year at Cal Poly (idk if he’ll read this, but hi Leo). We’re looking forward to a full day of excitement and fun, and we hope to see you there!

If you want to sign up for any of the events, press this link.

We hope to see you there!

Minna no Beach Day + October 5th Meeting Location Change

Hello again! Our Minna no Beach Episode will happen this Sunday, October 6th. If you need a ride, we will be organizing them after the meeting on Saturday, October 5th. Contact an officer if you cannot be there in person and we will save you a spot in someone's car.

We will be meeting up at Avila Beach at 12:00 PM. If you want to bring some beach gear, like frisbees, spikeball, soccer/volley/footballs, etc. feel free. Also, we suggest you bring your own water, sunscreen, and towel since it is supposed to be a sunny day.

Other than that, please note that our meeting on Saturday, October 5th will not be at the Silo. It will be held in Fisher Science 286 instead. We will still be meeting from 5pm to 10pm like normal.

Signing off for now,

Club Memberships

Hey, Minna! Thanks for making the first meeting of the year absolutely amazing!! If you bought a club membership at the meeting, please fill out this form. This helps us keep track of our paid members, especially since receiving 6 check-in stamps enters you in our club giveaway at the end of the quarter. If you don't have a MNA forum or Discord account, just put "N/A" for now, as we can always edit it at a later time.


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