Community Suggestion Form

If you have already written your suggestions on the paper we have in the meetings, then ignore this message and DO NOT fill this form out.

Do you have any series that you think MNA should watch next year? Sounds like you should fill out this Community Suggestion Form to let the officers know. We will be looking at the community suggestions when we put together the 2019-2020 schedule.

Thank you very much!


New Officers

Hey, Minna!

Now that the two-week voting period has ended, the officers for next year have been decided. Thank you to every paid member who voted!

* New Officers *

President: Kellen Dobson

Vice President: Jonathan Skelly

Treasurer: Kaela Getz

Secretary: Natalie Lusk

Scribe: Conrad Kinsey

Event Coordinator: Wesley Deffenbaugh

Here's a snazzy picture we took at the meeting!

(left to right: Natalie, Jon, Kellen, Shawn, Wesley; Kaela and Conrad are not pictured)

That's all for now!!

- Shawn

Open House 2K19

Hey, Minna! As you can probably tell, this weekend is Open House at Cal Poly. You can find our booth in front of the Kennedy Library (our location is Green 15). As per the usual, we are having a club meeting at the same time and place as a regular Saturday (5-10pm in the Silo), but we won't be following our normal schedule. To view the updated schedule (for this meeting only), check the recent Minna email or the sidebar of the website. Have a great day!

- Shawn

Officer Elections !

Hey, Minna!

Time to do your civil (NOT Sybil) duty and vote for next years' officers! All you have to do is click this link, which we can assure you has not been compromised by any foreign or domestic nations/organizations (I've got my eyes on you, Militia No Anime). Remember, only paid MNA members can vote. If you are a paid MNA member, and you are having problems with voting, please contact the Webmaster (preferably over Discord). With that said, have a nice vote!

- Shawn

Officer Interest Form

Hello, Minna!

Have you ever wanted to become an officer of a Cal Poly club? Do you want to be involved in the selection of shows that MNA watches? Are you someone who loves this club and is willing to devote themselves towards its continued existence? Well then, it sounds like you should try to become an officer. All prospective officers must click this link and fill out the form to let us know about your interest. Here are some descriptions of officer positions:

> President: The person who gets to talk first and last at meetings, organize officer meetings, delegate tasks as they arise, fill out paperwork (mostly in Fall Quarter), fill out Eplans (very easy). We strongly recommend you have had some club experience before taking this role.

> Treasurer: The manager of money in club, fills out paperwork, manages clubs accounts and liquid assets, takes and records membership dues and info.

> Webmaster: A vital position who manages the website, various voting done through the website, and sets up ordering for special events like Goshis and T-shirts. Reminder that our webmaster is selected by our current one so you dont need to be elected, just become an apprentice.

> Secretary: The Email master, writes the Saturday email (Thursday email writing is rotated), is in charge of recording our members contact information and wrangling the wild PHP List (joke).

> Vice-President: Traditionally in charge of important things the President doesn't want to do. Advertising (which is actually a lot of work), Google Drive, Calendar management, being a jack of all trades. Obviously be prepared to take over for the President if circumstances require it.

> Scribe: A newer position. Serves as the record keeper for club (like headcount, and sometimes club memeing), manages our wiki, takes notes during officer meetings and serves as an assistant to the Secretary and Webmaster.

> Event Coordinator: A recently revived position which entails coordinating between our clubs desires and ASI's requirements. Generally goes to ASI required meetings and assisting the Vice President and Treasurer. Also important in organizing Goshi and maybe new events.

We will have campaigns with each candidate giving a speech the Saturday meeting we get back from Spring Break (April 6th). Please note that you must be a MNA paid member to vote.

That's all for now. See you later.

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