Simulnight 2 Electric Boogaloo

As another season has started, the officers would once again like to invite you to another Simulnight. As a reminder of what this is, we will be showing the first episode of several currently-airing anime. This event will be held at Hangout, and will include:

6:10pm - Somali and the Forest Spirit
6:35pm - Koisuru Asteroid
7:00pm - Dinner
8:05pm - Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun
8:35pm - Keep Your Hands on Eizouken!
9:05pm - ID:Invaded
9:35pm - Dorohedoro

If you are not interested in Simulnight, feel free to come to the meeting and do other things. We will be meeting in 3-204 (the Business building).

- Shawn

Weathering With You

Movie time!!

As you may be aware, the newest film by Makoto Shinkai (director of Your Name) is receiving a general Western release starting Friday, January 17th. (Note: This is different from the Fathom release on the 15th and 16th). Our plan is to go see Weathering With You as a group, and we are aiming for the 7:50pm showing at the Regal RPX theater in Santa Maria. We expect everyone to buy their own ticket (the price is $13 pre-tax). While you may sit anywhere in the theater, a group of us are planning on acquiring all of the seats in row H, so keep that in mind. If you need a ride, let me or another officer know so we can fit you into a car. We have around 15 seats total, although some have been claimed. Rides will also be arranged after Saturday's meeting. Prepare to leave by 6:00pm, as we are planning on eating dinner before the film as well.

- Shawn

T-Shirt Contest

Hello Minna; we're glad you're back!

As many of you likely know, it's the time of the year where we start our annual t-shirt contest! It's an event where club members can submit their art into a contest for the Minna no t-shirt design of this year. If you are interested, check out these guidelines. Submissions are open immediately and will close Saturday January 25th at 10pm. Send any submissions you may have to Shawn (the webmaster) or email them to We can't wait to see what you create!

- Shawn

[IMPORTANT] End of Quarter Announcements

I'mma be real with y'all, I'm in the middle of visiting family for a late Thanksgiving celebration so I'm essentially going to be copying and pasting what others have already said, but keep in mind this announcement is SUPER IMPORTANT.

White Elephant Gift Exchange

On Thursday, Dec 5th, during hangout from 6 to 10 PM in 52-E3, we will be holding a gift exchange! This exchange will be white-elephant style.
Here are the rules for the gift exchange:
1. Every entrant will have a WRAPPED gift that does not exceed $20 in value.
2. On the day the gift exchange is scheduled, entrants will bring their gifts in to the meeting.
3. A random person will be selected, and the picking of gifts will continue in a circle, clockwise.
4. Once it is your turn, you have two options: either pick a gift from the collective pile, or steal a present in play. Each item has two "steals", meaning that a participant can only steal an item if it has not been stolen before, or only stolen once. After these two steals, this item will not be able to be stolen again. If both participants have an item, it is a simple item swap.
5. The game will continue until every person has an item.
If you would like to participate, bring a wrapped gift under $20 in value to Hangout. Only members with gifts can participate so that there are the same amount of gifts as players.

Movie Night

On Saturday, Dec 7th, we will be holding our quarterly Movie Night! Our meeting will start at 5:00 in our sideroom in the business building (03-114) with weekly shows before dinner. At 8:00 PM, we will be showing Akira, a classic 80's action movie about espers and biker gangs! It's set in 2019, so this is the last time to watch it with club in its occurring year! So you're informed, this movie has gore throughout and a short nudity/assault scene.
Also at this meeting will be our quarterly members' giveaway. Paid members who have 7 or more weekly stamps will be entered in a random lottery, where winners get a reward from our prize box. Be there for dinner break if you qualify.


On Sunday, Dec 8th, we will be hosting our quarterly Dinner at Goshis Japanese Restaurant! Because we got thrown off by the placement of Thanksgiving so close to the end of the quarter, we need you to sign up now. Click this link, login to your account, and sign up/select menu items before 10PM Monday Dec 2nd. If you do not have an account, access the Forum tab to the top right of the website homepage to make one. You need an account to reserve a spot and make an order (if you need, contact our webmaster on discord or at for help). Reservations are first come, first serve up to 25 spots, and as of right now 18 of our spots have already been filled. Our location will be reconsidered if a large number of members won't be able to attend due to the space constraint.

Well that was a lot. Thanks for reading and enjoy what little remains of break, because dead week and finals are quickly approaching.
Your webmaster,


So, you're probably wondering...

What exactly is a Simulnight? That's a great question, especially since this event has never been held in club before. This Thursday, during Hangout, we will be showing the first episode of several shows which are airing this season (Fall 2019). Obviously, you may come and go as you please. Don't feel obligated to watch all of the shows if you aren't interested - Hangout will still be going on the entire time. Here is a brief schedule of the shows we are watching:

6:30 - Cautious Hero
7:00 - No Guns Life
7:30 - Dinner
8:05 - Beastars
8:35 - Hoshiai no Sora
9:05 - Kabukichou Sherlock
9:35 - Africa Salaryman

As always, we will be meeting in Building 52 Room E03.

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