As many of you know, next weekend is Memorial Day Weekend. This means that the Fanime Convention - held in San Jose - will be occurring, and Minna no Anime will not be holding a regular meeting. Instead, if you are still in SLO on May 25th, you are welcome to come to the Silo at 5pm bringing all kinds of anime from your personal collections. The meeting attendees will then decide on what they want to watch for the evening. However, there is quite a major rule for the special meeting: "do not bring shows that you wouldn't show in front in your grandmother." In other words, keep it appropriate for club viewing.

For those of you going to Fanime, maybe I'll see you there?


Community Suggestion Form

If you have already written your suggestions on the paper we have in the meetings, then ignore this message and DO NOT fill this form out.

Do you have any series that you think MNA should watch next year? Sounds like you should fill out this Community Suggestion Form to let the officers know. We will be looking at the community suggestions when we put together the 2019-2020 schedule.

Thank you very much!


New Officers

Hey, Minna!

Now that the two-week voting period has ended, the officers for next year have been decided. Thank you to every paid member who voted!

* New Officers *

President: Kellen Dobson

Vice President: Jonathan Skelly

Treasurer: Kaela Getz

Secretary: Natalie Lusk

Scribe: Conrad Kinsey

Event Coordinator: Wesley Deffenbaugh

Here's a snazzy picture we took at the meeting!

(left to right: Natalie, Jon, Kellen, Shawn, Wesley; Kaela and Conrad are not pictured)

That's all for now!!

- Shawn

Open House 2K19

Hey, Minna! As you can probably tell, this weekend is Open House at Cal Poly. You can find our booth in front of the Kennedy Library (our location is Green 15). As per the usual, we are having a club meeting at the same time and place as a regular Saturday (5-10pm in the Silo), but we won't be following our normal schedule. To view the updated schedule (for this meeting only), check the recent Minna email or the sidebar of the website. Have a great day!

- Shawn

Officer Elections !

Hey, Minna!

Time to do your civil (NOT Sybil) duty and vote for next years' officers! All you have to do is click this link, which we can assure you has not been compromised by any foreign or domestic nations/organizations (I've got my eyes on you, Militia No Anime). Remember, only paid MNA members can vote. If you are a paid MNA member, and you are having problems with voting, please contact the Webmaster (preferably over Discord). With that said, have a nice vote!

- Shawn

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