Officer Election Results and End of Quarter Stuff

Hellooooo Minna!! How's the end of the quarter for everyone!

Officer Elections

You have voted, and here are the results! Without further ado...introducing the 2017-2018 Officers!

  • President: Andrew Harris
  • VP: Kian Gruszcynski
  • Secretary: Michael Hendricks
  • Treasurer: David Tuan Le
  • Scribe: Justin Rosescu
  • Event Coordinator: Omar Rosales
  • Webmaster: Hannah Wilkins
Congratulations to the new and returning officers!

Last Meeting of Winter Quarter

Tonight, if you want to take a break from studying, come join us for an extra-special schedule! We have a super-duper HOUR LONG SIMULCAST, followed by an episode of the Magus Bride and Shirobako. I don't know about you, Minna, but I'm pumped up! We also have our awesome winter movie, Lupin the 3rd, Castle of Cagliostro. So come join us, even if you haven't been able to come before!

Shirts and Goshi's

Tee-shirts have come in, so bring your money if you haven't paid! Still bring money if you didn't purchase a shirt ahead of time and now want to get one! Also, Goshi's dinner is tomorrow, so get your money to our current treasurer, Curtis, to pay for your food!

Open House

During the first week back, Cal Poly is holding it's open house. Stay tuned for more info, because we'll need help setting up, running, and tearing down the booth! We'll be running a different show-selection that Saturday after Open House, so stay tuned!

Stay alive, Minna!

Minna no Hangout and Officer Elections

Greets Minna! How's everyone's Saturday?

First, you may or may not have noticed a very subtle change in the weekly events and the website sidebar. Minna no Manga is now Minna no Hangout! It's the same as it has always been, with video games, board games, conversation, sharing manga and watching random videos of cats or whatever we happen to feel, and a time for members to hangout. :)

Secondly, officer elections are open! We have a variety of positions open, and a list of positions can be found here. If you would like to contribute to club, consider becoming an officer.

Stay alive and have a great quarter!

Tee Shirts, Officer Elections, and Dragons, Oh my!

Heeeeeyyyyy Minna!! :D Hannah here! A couple of things to bring to your attention!!

First! Tee-Shirt voting has chosen this lovely design for the new tee-shirt! Thanks Andrew H for the awesome design!

The T-shirts cost $20 for non-members, $15 for members, and sweatshirts cost $30 for non-members and $25 for members (see the Treasurer if you want to become a member!). Pre-ordering closes on February 25th so please pre-order now! You can get us the money by March 4th. You'll need an account to order tee-shirts, and you can get one here. There will be normal tee-shirts available, but they're in limited numbers, so it's better to order one, that way it's guaranteed.

Next! Officer Elections are coming upon us, my fellow anime lovers! Positions will be changing around a little bit, but there will still be a position open for you! These positions take time and commitment, but if you think you have something you can give back to club, consider being an officer (and ask any current officer for more details, if interested)! Check back to see what positions will be open!

It's that time of the quarter when it feels like a dragon is looming upon you, waiting to gobble you up (aka midterm season, which can last from week 3 to week 9), but if you just want to relax on Saturday, come join us! We have friendly dragons in Yona of the Dawn, and maybe a dragon will show up in Mushi-Shi. We also have many other shows, so if dragons aren't you thing, I hope we have something you might be interested in.

Until next time!

New Schedule

Hello Minna! Hannah here! How's everyone's quarter going so far?
Last quarter may have been kind of rough, so you may have had to take a break from our Saturday meetings to catch up on stuff, and then had a hard time getting back because you couldn't catch up. Well, tonight (2/11/17), we have new shows! Sound! Euphonium (6.35), Hourou Musuko-Wandering Son (8.05), and Erased (8.30) are all starting tonight! Mushi-Shi: The Next Passage (6.10) is very easy to come into, so consider joining us at 6.10!
Have a great quarter, and don't let midterms kill you!

Help a Member Out?

Hello Minna! We have a member doing an essay on Minna No Anime, and it'd be greatly appreciated if you took a survey to help them with their essay. This link is right here (Minna No Anime Survey) if you want to participate, but please do so as soon as possible!
Thanks! :) Hannah
PS: Don't forget about the Halloween party, and to sign up for the different contests!! ;)

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