2016 Schedule and Club Showcase [UPDATE!!]

Hello everyone! This is Hannah, your Webmaster!

Club Showcase Update!

We have received the information for our booth at club showcase, which is this Sunday! We'll be at the parking lot next to the goat/sheep field near PCV/Campus Market, H16. For those of you who don't know where it is, check this map here!

Our spot is B18, and we'll be meeting from 7:30-8:00 for set-up (don't forget to bring manga, action figures, and other items for the booth!), and the actual showcase will go from 10AM-1PM. However, don't think about skipping out once One-Oh-Clock hits! We'll be needing help tearing down and the work will get done a lot faster with more hands around!

Zeroth Day Anime

Anyway, we’re going to have a little different schedule from previous years. Because club showcase is AFTER the first Saturday of the month, we’re going to be starting this year’s shows AFTER club showcase. But fear not! For those who come to this Saturday's meeting, there’ll be something for you!

We, the officers of this great club, have constructed a list of 21 shows. During the Simulcast of the Week, everyone will be able to chose the tops shows they want to see, and the shows that get the most votes will be shown during club. But chose wisely, for there are only 6 slots. We also have, for your enjoyment, Anime Trivia! It’s not too hard, so come and enjoy it, catch up with friends, or meet new ones!

Without Further Ado, the 2016 Schedule!

5.10 PM: Simulcast of the Week*
5:35 PM - Inari Kon Kon (Fall) / Sound! Euphonium (Winter-Spring)
6:10 PM - Mushishi~The Next Passage
6:35 PM - Yona of the Dawn
7:00 PM - Dinner Break!! Yum yum yum!
8:05 PM - Shirobako
8:30 PM - Ping-Pong The Animation (Fall-Winter) / Hourou Musuko Wandering Son (Winter-Spring)
9:05 PM - Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans
9:30 PM - Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Fall-Winter) / Erased (Winter-Spring)
* These are voted on by members, and are streamed from Crunchyroll.
** At any time if you want to just take a break, or aren't interested in what's being shown in a certain timeslot, we have a side-room where you can hang out and discuss anime with other members!

Where We Are

We'll be meeting on Saturdays in 03-213, also known as the Buisness Silo. If you can't find it, use the Cal Poly App or got to http://maps.calpoly.edu.

Summer Minna!!

Hey everyone! Mouse here with a late, but important, announcement! Summer Minna will be held Saturdays in Room 112 of the Business Building (3-112) all summer! Keep an eye on the sidebar schedule and/or google calendar for updates. Hope to see you there!

Open House Thank Yous!

Hello Minna!! Just want to give a quick thank you to everyone who helped out at the Open House booth. Everything went really smoothly (even though it was slightly warmer than desired). You guys (and gals) are awesome!!!

Hope next year goes just as smoothly! This coming Saturday we'll be going back to our normal Saturday schedule with anime! Hope you can make it. :)


UPDATE: BOOTH LOCATION IS C24, C25, C28, which is in the parking lot between the Ag building and the Math & Science building!!!!

This Saturday, April 16, is the day when Minna no Anime sells food to promote our club and make some dinero to keep the prize box going. Come join us anytime from 6AM to 4PM and help set up the booth, make some onigiri, or let others know about our club! Or, you know, just come and hang out~ Please note that we will not have a traditional meeting that night - it's all about the Open House.

If you help out for two hours, you get ~*~ONE FREE ONIGIRI MEAL~*~, which is two onigiri of your choice and a drink! And if you help out with taking down the booths at 3PM and loading/unloading people's cars, you get to participate in our ~*~PRIZE BOX GIVEAWAY~*~. WOW SUCH DEALS HERE!!!!

Here are the roles and jobs we'll need volunteers for:

  • 6-8AM: setting up booths (SO EARLY, YOU A CHAMP)
  • 8AM-3PM: prepping and cooking rice
  • 9AM-3PM:
    • cutting veggies and mixing meat
    • packing rice, veggies and/or meat into a mold
    • handing out drinks and onigiri
    • telling everyone how wonderful Minna no Anime is
    • telling everyone how wonderful our onigiri is
  • 3-4PM: tearing down the booths and loading/unloading cars
If you're interested in any of those positions, sign up here for the times you'll be available that day.

If you're gonna hang out at our booth in any way, show off your anime pride with cosplay! Don't have cosplay to wear? Fear not: wear a Minna shirt, or if you're out of those, just put on a regular ol' anime shirt! Fine small print: please wear safe-for-work clothes, arigato gozaimasu. Also, if you plan to help out with food while cosplaying, choose a costume you can comfortably move around in.

Bring anime merchandise, like figures, art books and manga, to decorate the info booth if you can. If you have any knives or cutting boards, bring that too! Last but not least, please wear sunscreen!!!! If you forget, there should be sunscreen at the booths.

Booth location will be posted as soon as we find out where it is from the Open House committee! In the mean time, think about chowing down on delicious onigiri.....

Officer Election Results!!

You voted, here are the results! The officers for 2016-2017 are...

  • President: Isaac Cameron
  • Vice President: Brian Kroger
  • Treasurer: Curtis Hilgenberg
  • Secretary: Phyllis Douglas
  • Club Artist: Emily Mullins
  • Webmaster: Hannah Wilkins
  • Librarian: Nicole "Mouse" Martin
Big congrats to all the new and returning officers!

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