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Hello to all you awesome anime watchers!

Do you know some great shows that we should watch in club during the next academic year? The officers would love to hear about them! If you click this link, you'll be able to share your wonderful ideas. Who knows, one of your suggestions might make it onto the final list!

As a general note, you may suggest as many shows as you want, but please be serious.

Looking forward to some fantastic suggestions!


New Officer Announcement!

Greeting, Minna! It is I, your new Webmaster. Before we announce the results of the officer elections, we want to thank everyone who ran for a position! It was inspiring to see so many people run for each position (besides Prez). Thank you for your enthusiasm and your devotion to this club!

And now...the results!

President: Brandon Dela Cruz

Vice President: Kellen Dobson

Treasurer: David Le

Secretary: Michael Hendricks

Scribe: Hannah Wilkins

Event Coordinator: Corrie Brennan

Webmaster: Shawn Budwal (me)

With that said, let's look forward to another year of joyfully descending into weebiness! May God have mercy on our lewd souls uwu.

Catch you on the flipside!

A New Era?

Greetings Minna! This is Hannah, your current webmaster. :)

This is an announcement that the Webmaster torch is officially being passed on. You may have seen him wandering around on the website, but Shawn Budwal will be taking over as webmaster come July. Please be nice to him. (~o~)

A New Era?

But he’s not the only new officer. We have the officer results in, and we know who will be taking on the mantle of an Officer. Interested in finding out who? Come to the meeting tonight! :D

That’s all for now Minna. Sayonara from afar. Isaac, beam me up! (*Ô*)

"Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."

Open House was a success!

Hey everyone! Open House was a great success. We set up our booth quickly and consistently had 5-10 members at our table talking to each other and passersbys. Thank you to everyone who showed up, even just to say hi. We passed out little flyers, offered pencils and candy, and had a sign-up list for our email. We certainly left a positive impression on quite a few incoming students who will seek our booth in the Fall at Club Showcase!

If for whatever reason you are not a regular Minna member reading our website and would like to join our nifty email list you can go to this link which we will keep open the rest of the month.

Catch you on the flipside!

Open House is the place to be (and other stuff)

Hello Minna. How’s everyone’s quarter? Been watching any good anime, aside from what we’re showing in club, of course.

Open House

Soon and very soon…we have Open House!! We have a booth at Lot H-2A, near the library, to showcase ourselves to the freshmen who might join us one day. I know that my first memory of Minna no Anime was at the Open House. I got a sticker. :)

Anyway, Open House! We’ll be needing people to man the booth, and to help with setup. Construction will begin around 8 AM and tear-down will happen around 3 PM. Make sure to bring (safe) anime stuff, like manga, toys, the works, to decorate our booth with. Since there are no plans to bring out the 10 Foot Tall Gundum or the Catbus , we need to let people know who we are somehow. Do keep in mind that there are going to be parents around…*hint hint* (o_O) So be mindful of what you bring.

Sunny with a high of 82 fahrenheit is the forecast for tomorrow, so also keep that in mind.

Other minor topics:

Vote for 2018-2019 officers here. you need to be a paid member with a forum account to do so. Both are easy. Talk to the Treasurer and go to the forum.

Tee-shirts are in. Yay! Pick yours up, and if you didn’t order one, but want one, I think we have extra.

Until next time. Beam me up, Isaac!

Minor rant: Trying to hold conversations over a 9 or 12 hour time zone difference can be such a pain. (9_9) You go to bed when they’re awake, or they’re asleep when you’re up. Unless of course, you’re a glutton for punishment and decide to stay away past when you should be. As someone on Minna No Anime’s Discord said, "Now is not the time for sleeping."

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