First Meetings

What's up, Minna! It's your Webmaster, Shawn, here to give you the rundown on our upcoming meetings.


Our first Hangout meeting is today (Thursday, 9/27) from 6-10pm in the Business building in Room 114. Don't miss out on your opportunity to chill with other anime enthusiasts. You can stay for as long as you want and leave whenever you feel like you've had enough. It's a perfect chance to watch anime, play games, or do homework in the company of others.

Anime Viewing

This Saturday, from 5-10pm, we'll be starting our anime viewing meetings for the year. Come on down to the Silo for the first episodes of our anime selections. At the beginning of the meeting, we'll be playing our patented Anime Eyes game, so make sure to show up on time! We will also have free pizza at dinnertime. Just like with Hangout, you can come to and leave the meeting at any time. Hope to see you there!


Club Showcase

Hey, Minna!
This Sunday (tomorrow) is Club Showcase and we need volunteers to help us out at our booth. Bring any anime stuff you got!!
Come to the H16 parking lot by PCV from 10:00 am to 1:00pm.

Day 0

Hey old and new Minna members!
This year we have another Day 0 where we will watch the first episode of shows chosen by officers. These shows are not part of our official schedule, but come anyway to meet other members and hang out!!
The meeting starts at 5:10 pm in building 03 room 213 (The Silo).

2018-2019 Schedule

Hey Minna!
We hope you've had a great summer! School is fast approaching, and we have some exciting news to start the year off with.

Here is our schedule for the 2018-2019 year!

5:10 PM: Simulcast of the Week*
5:35 PM: Kids on the Slope (FALL) & Sound of the Sky (WINTER/SPRING)
6:10 PM: RideBack (FALL) & Spice and Wolf (WINTER/SPRING)
6:35 PM: Trigun
7:00 PM: Dinner
8:05 PM: March Comes in Like a Lion
8:30 PM: The Tatami Galaxy (FALL) & Land of the Lustrous (WINTER/SPRING)
9:05 PM: Baccano (FALL) & Death Parade (WINTER/SPRING)
9:30 PM: Psycho-Pass

* These are voted on by members, and are streamed from Crunchyroll.
**If, at any time, you want to just take a break, or aren't interested in what's being shown in a certain timeslot, we have a side-room where you can hang out and discuss anime with other members!

Where We Are

We'll be meeting on Saturdays in 03-213, also known as the Buisness Silo. If you can't find it, use the Cal Poly App or got to

To learn more about previous shows we have shown over the years, check out our schedule page.

I'm your webmaster, Shawn! Catch you later!!

Summer Minna

For those of you who are still in the San Luis Obispo area the end of the year marks the beginning of Summer Minna meetups. Every Saturday from 5pm to 10pm (plus dinner break and intermissions as usual). The location is in Business Building 03 room 113. If you are interested in the idea of watching anime and movies and hanging out Saturday summer evenings. We have an email list we are putting together - fill out this form.

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