Goshi and Double Feature!

Greetings Minna! How's everyone's break going? Ready for the chaos that is Dead Week?

But amidst all the stress of studying, we have a stress-breaker for you! This coming Saturday (12/2), we have a double feature of Nasuca of the Valley of the Wind and Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade!

The following day, we have our quarterly Goshi Dinner. This is when we head to one of the best Japanese restaurants in town and have a chance to relax before the chaos of finals is unleashed. You can sign up with the link in the sidebar or here. Signups close this coming Wednesday, and you'll need to get the money in to our wonder treasurer (David Le) by Saturday.

Night of Nekos: Halloween Party 2017

Good afternoon, Minna! This is your Webmaster Hannah!

Our Halloween party is quickly approaching! Contests, games, and a ton of other fun activities await, and there are some pretty good prizes up for grabs, if I do say so myself.

It's not too late to sign up for Anime Eyes and Trivia, so sign up here if you want to have fun. Also sign up for our Game Tournament! What is it? Well, I'm still not gonna tell you! That's for you to find out the day of, so that no one has an unfair advantage! X]P

Also, you have until Thursday to turn in pictures for the Scavenger Hunt, and you can find the categories we're looking for here. Literal or hilarious interpretations are welcome!

That's all for now, Minna. Hopefully your Webmaster won't be a corpse come Saturday. In the meantime, beam me up Isaac!

Edit as of Wednesday: Your Webmaster will most likely be dead come Saturday. Please remember me, and I'll gift my anime and manga to club... XP

Night of Fright, Night of Nekos, Halloween Party 2017

Greetings Minna no Anime! This is your Webmaster Hannah!

It's that time of year when black cats are watching from fenceposts, corn mazes are traversed during the day unless you want a scare, and anime fanatics are gathering in the night at Baker Science for our yearly Halloween Party!

We have a number of different activities for you to participate in, and hopefully more than one will catch your eye!

Important Info!

All contests we do have a prize to be won at the end, and as you participate, you can accumulate points that qualify you for the final, grand prize! However, if you aren’t a member, you can’t win these prizes. But it’s no problem to become a member, just talk to our Secretary Michael or find out more information here

Also, our scavenger hunt and art/pumpkin contests do not require you to be present to win.

And...dun dun dun! Here you can find a full schedule for the very exciting day!

Stuff to Do:

First, we have Anime Trivia! This game is based on Jeopardy, with questions in different categories worth different numbers of points. Show how much you know! Maybe there will be a category of famous dogs, or you’ll have to identify the opening theme of an anime. Or maybe I'm just pulling your leg and none of those will be on the screen come the 28th. (*cue evil laughter* >:] ). And although listening to everyone screaming out their answers is entertaining in it’s own way, we have buttons that you can push, causing more organized chaos.

Another contest we have is Anime Eyes, where you can earn points by identifying characters from various animes produced over the years. Some of these might be pretty common, like from Pokemon (with a dozen Ditto or so), or from some obscure show that only makes an appearance once a year around Halloween time. We use the same system as with Anime Trivia, because pushing buttons is just so "easy"

For both of these, if you’ve never played before, you can sign up for a later slot, so you can watch and learn how it’s done. ;)

Another contest that involves buttons (but many more buttons) is the Video Games tournament. Fight to the death for the great prize, but what game is it you may ask? Well, I’m not gonna tell you! You may have played it, you may have not, but we’re not gonna tell so that everyone will have equal footing when the time comes.

Cosplay Contest! Kinda self-explanatory, but you don’t have to dress up as anime. Video games are fine too. :)

Pumpkins and Art Contest are fused together this year, for special 3-D and 2-D art appreciation (as someone who is taking an art class right now, the words 'art appreciation' makes me shudder ever so slightly). Now…let it be known that the art MUST BE YOUR OWN, ORIGINAL PIECE. I could go on, but shall leave it at that. - -

Starting this year, we are bringing back the Scavenger Hunt. This is something you can prep ahead of time. Go around with your camera and be creative, taking photos from categories on this list. Literal, funny, or ironic interpretations of the categories are all welcome. Send the pictures in to the officer at minna-no-anime@minnanoanime.org, bring them in on a flashdrive, or share with google drive. The choice is yours.

Interested in participating in any of these activities? Sign up HERE!!! :D

Hmmmm...that's all I can think of for now. In the meantime, beam me up, Isaac!

Technical Difficulties and Other Updates

Hello Minna. This is your webmaster Hannah with some updates and other information.

First! Due to technical difficulties, and a "dinosaur-old email system", those who recently were added to the mailing list did not receive our welcome and update emails. The officers sincerely apologize for this. *bow* Last week was not a good one for us (hopefully not a prediction of the quarter to come...)

Speaking of last week, we got booted out of the Silo because ASI goofed up. We are back in the Silo this week! Hooray! If you don't know where the Silo is, look at the map below.

In case you missed us last week, we started our year of shows, but do not fear! This Thursday at Minna no Hangout we will be running a special sideroom in order to help you catch up. Come to Building 02-Room 213 this Thursday from 6-10 to catch up (or to just hang out with people because we're cool like that) or if you can't make it, we'll be running them in our normal sideroom on Saturday.

Also, we'll be starting running Simulcasts of the Week in this Tedious Week 2, but something happened in the emails we sent out, and that link won't work.

  • We will be sending the actual link out in our Saturday email, or...
  • Old Members! The links in emails sent to you long ago should work (hopefully), so you can use those if you still have them.

Let's see...can't think of anything else of importance. For now, this has been your Webmaster Hannah. Beam me up, Isaac!

When Your Luck Goes From Bad...to Worse (SATURDAY LOCATION CHANGE)

Hello there everyone. This is your Webmaster.

So, as many of you know, the Business Silo has long been the de-facto place for our Minna no Anime Saturday meetings. It is a wonderful building, with many seats that allows one to sit wherever they desire, a giant screen to show our weekly shows, and a rather nice audio system.

Well, ASI had a mix-up with their paperwork. So uncommon. Never happened before. And it'll never happen again. *snort* Long story short, we are going to have to move all the way across campus. Look for us in FISHER SCIENCE 33 - 286 this Saturday. Hopefully we'll be back in the Silo next Saturday, but who knows. Maybe ASI just decides whether they'll give us the room based on the flip of a coin. Good riddance. >:|

Also, it is likely we will be having our Halloween Party in a building other than the Business Building. Yeah, that happened. -_-

This has been your Webmaster. Beam me up, Isaac.

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