Tee-Shirt Winner, Officer Interest, and Webmaster?

Greetings Minna! We have a winner for our tee-shirt design!

Katie is the one who did this really cool design. Order your tee-shirts today at this link right here. That does require a forum account, but that's pretty easy to obtain. Just go to the Forum tab up on the navigation bar above, and click register to obtain your completely free, no strings attached MNA forum account that can be used all over the website! :D Shipping and handling rates not included. (*^*)

You might consider becoming a member of our awesome club. You get several benefits, such as being able to vote on officer elections (an important task to determine the future of our club!) and getting a discount on what you order. Talk to our Treasure for more information, to pay for a membership, or to pay for your shirt order.

Officer Elections

Hey, speaking of electing officers...it's that time for new officers to take up the torches of our club leadership. If you're interested in becoming an officer, fill out this completely non-binding form here to let the officers know who's interested in what positions.


Webmaster position is open for next year, and applications are due by this coming Saturday at midnight. Get that application in if you want to help make a contribution to club! More information below.

That's all for now, folks. Beam me up, Isaac!

The Webmaster Torch Being Passed On

Greetings Minna. How’s your quarter going so far?

I’m going to be stepping down as your webmaster at the end of this year, and passing on the torch to someone else. Because webmaster is a different position than the rest of the officers, I choose who will be my successor. Anyone can be webmaster, but if you have previous HTML/CSS/PHP knowledge, that’s certainly a plus. It is not, however, a requirement, so if that’s all that’s stopping you from considering webmaster, don’t worry. Plenty of the stuff is learned on the job.

Plus, I’ll still be in SLO, and Mike (a super awesome guy who helps manage the database and website) is always available, so you won’t be on your own.

So what does the webmaster do?

Well, the webmaster is responsible for managing this lovely website that you see, primarily. Making announcements on the front page (what you're reading right now), keeping all the pages up-to-date, and keeping the website in order are all the tasks of the webmaster. You also manage the simulcast. Every week, you get to choose what shows will be voted on, and every week the voting system needs to be set up for the next week. But that's not all. The webmaster is also responsible for making sure voting (such as tee-shirts and officer elections) goes smoothly, and making sure the system we use for voting is all ready for when people need it.

But you're still an officer, so you get to help choose shows for the upcoming year, make the Halloween party a blast, and just help make club better in general. In my opinion, being webmaster is the best officer position there is, but I'm just biased. *(^o^)*


So if you’re interested, shoot me an email (at webmaster@minnanoanime.org (can also be found on the officer page on this website!) that has your name, year in school, experience in web (if any (if not, don’t worry about this! :) )), and what anime you would show if you were an officer (genre, specific show, whatever you feel).

The deadline for getting your application in is this coming Saturday (3/3). Email me, speak to me directly, or message me on Discord if you are part of Minna no Anime’s Discord (if not, the link is in the sidebar -->.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Beam me up, Isaac!

Tee-Shirts, Officership, and Brand New Shows!

Hello Minna! This is your Webmaster with a few announcements.

First! Tee-Shirt contest will be closing next week (February 3rd). If you want to have your own original design showcased on the back of a tee-shirt for all eternity, get those designs in! Examples of previous designs can be found here, and the rules can be found here.

Secondly, officer elections are coming up in the not-so-far-not-so-close future. If you are interested in making decisions for the club, and just making club awesome in general, you should think about it! Talk to one of the current officers to learn more about the positions they fill.

On a related note, I'll be stepping down from being Webmaster this year. Webmaster is a very important position, one of the key ones that keeps the club running. If you're interested in being webmaster, speak to me or shoot an email to webmaster@minnanoanime.org!

Finally, we'll be starting new shows this coming February (the 17th). Non Non Byori, Kino's Journey, Rage of Bahamut, and Mob Psycho 100 will be finish up, and we have four new shows that will be taking their place. This is a great time to invite new people to club who have never been, who might have come but fell behind because of school, or just people who like anime.

Anyway, that's it for now. Beam me up, Isaac!

Winter Break, Next Quarter, and Tee-Shirts

Greetings, Minna! Hope you're having a good break!

Fall may have been a busy quarter for you, so you may have not been able to come to club as often as you would have liked. Or maybe you were coming to club at the beginning of the year, and then projects/homework/studying got in the way. Well fear not! Winter break is the perfect opportunity to catch up on anime! Below are the episodes we will be starting on.

  • Angelic Layer: Episode 8
  • Ouran High School Host Club: Episode 8
  • Non Non Byori: Episode 8
  • Kino's Journey: Episode 8
  • Rage of Bahamut: Episode 9
  • Mob Psycho: Episode 8
  • Samurai Champloo: Episode 8

New Shows

In February, we'll be starting new shows. Some of the shows we are currently watching only consist of twelve episodes, and when those shows are done, new twelve-episode shows will join the ranks with Angelic Layer, Ouran High School Host Club, and Samurai Champloo. These shows are:

  • Sweetness and Lightning: A cute show about a father and his daughter on the hunt for good food.
  • Humanity has Declined: A girl must act as the ambassador to a group of fairies who love sweets.
  • Kekkai Sensen: A normal boy is recruited into a secret organization where no one is normal.
  • Tokyo Magnitude 8.0: A girl and her little brother must try to find their way home after an earthquake rocks Tokyo.

Tee-Shirt Contest

It's not for a while, but just wanted to get the word out about our tee-shirt contest. Each year, the club has a tee-shirt that the members can help create. The front has the standard Minna logo, and the back has a custom image one of our members creates. Check out previous examples here, and find a list of the rules here.

Hope to see you back in January! Until then, beam me up, Isaac!

Goshi and Double Feature!

Greetings Minna! How's everyone's break going? Ready for the chaos that is Dead Week?

But amidst all the stress of studying, we have a stress-breaker for you! This coming Saturday (12/2), we have a double feature of Nasuca of the Valley of the Wind and Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade!

The following day, we have our quarterly Goshi Dinner. This is when we head to one of the best Japanese restaurants in town and have a chance to relax before the chaos of finals is unleashed. You can sign up with the link in the sidebar or here. Signups close this coming Wednesday, and you'll need to get the money in to our wonder treasurer (David Le) by Saturday.

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