25th Anniversary Weekend Extravaganza!

Hey guys it's your friendly alumni advisor here. It's time for the big Minna no Anniversary 25th Anniversary Extravaganza! Two whole days of fun! I'm super excited. Here is the schedule of events.

Saturday February 6, 2016

Room 3-114
10 AM - 12 PM: Swap Meet
12 PM - 10 PM: Video Game Room

Room 3-113
10 AM - 10 PM: Hangout, Relax, Do Stuff Room

Room 3-112
12 PM: Anime Eyes Round 1
12:30 PM: MnA Game Round 1
1 PM: Anime Trivia Round 1

1:30 PM: Anime Eyes Round 2
2 PM: MnA Game Round 2
2:30 PM: Anime Trivia Round 2

3 PM: Anime Eyes Round 3
3:30 PM: MnA Game Round 3
4 PM: Officer Trivia Finals

4:30 PM: Anime Eyes Round 4
5 PM: MnA Game Round 4

Room 3-213 (The Silo)
5:30 PM: Dinner Break START! Free Pizza
6:00 PM: Chocolate Cake and White Cake, prepare for pictures~

6:30 PM: AMV Contest: Look at Entrants and Vote
7:00 PM: Karaoke

7:30 PM: Scavenger Hunt Awards
7:40 PM: AMV Contest Awards, Anime Trivia Awards, Anime Eyes Awards
7:50 PM: Dole Out Donation Prizes

8 PM - 10 PM: Movie 1 - Millennium Actress

Sunday February 7, 2016

Goshi Japanese Restaurant (570 Higuera St #150, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401)
11:30 AM - 2 PM: Buffet Lunch.
Room 3-114 3 PM - 8 PM: Side Room
Room 3-213 (The Silo) 3 PM - 5 PM: Movie 2 - The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Games and Contests with Prizes

The following games and contests have exclusive prizes for first and second place winners.

Minna no Anime Eyes: Images only from series club has shown. 4 rounds, sign up here!

Minna no Anime Trivia: Member-submitted categories and anniversary committee categories. 2 rounds, sign up here!

AMV Contest: Submit your AMV to anniversary[at]minnanoanime.org or somehow physically hand over the AMV to an officer/committee member. AMV must be under 4 minutes and PG-13 or less.

Scavenger Hunt Contest: Deadline has already passed, but we'll show off entries during the awards. This contest has 4 potential winners, two for best collection, and two for best photo!

Other Fun Stuff

These are fun things that have no prizes but are still fun!

Swap Meet: spots are still available! Sell stuff to fellow Minna members. Sign up here! You'll need a Minna no Anime forum account to log in. Make one here, or retrieve your password here.

Minna no Fighting Game: use the Trivia/Eyes button to fight in a team against computer-controlled Minna officers of the past and present! 4 rounds, sign up for a round here! You'll also need to create an avatar for the game here.

Video Game Room: bring your video games and equipment with you to the party and play to your heart's content!

Officer Trivia Finals: certain past officers of Minna no Anime challenge the current officers with a crazy, anything goes Anime Trivia.

Cosplay: we'd love to see your costumes!

Karaoke: during Dinner Break and before the first movie, karaoke will be available! The list of songs are here. If you have any requests, please email anniversary[at]minnanoanime.org and we'll see if we can get it in time for the party.


Here's a description of the movies!

Millennium Actress: Directed by Satoshi Kon, director of Paranoia Agent and Paprika. Follow the life and movie history of an actress from her childhood to her much, much older years in a visually stunning, emotionally moving masterpiece.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time: Directed by Mamoru Hosoda, known for Summer Wars and Wolf Children. It is, as you would expect, about a girl who physically leaps through time, but of course, time travel isn't all fun and games...


I'm hungry, you're hungry, we're all hungry! What will be offered at the Anniversary Party?

Dinner Break: 2 free pizza slices and a slice of cake! Two cake options available: white cake and chocolate cake. Yum!

Goshi on Sunday: All you can eat buffet of what Goshi has to offer - Japanese traditional dishes and sushi. If you're attending, please give Mike Whipp $10 (American) on Saturday, or please notify him at anniversary[at]minnanoanime.org to make other arrangements. Soda, water and tea are free. If you plan on ordering specialty items or drinking alcoholic beverages, you will need to bring extra money with you.

Volunteering and Donations

Want to help out with the anniversary? Here's how:

Volunteer: Email anniversary[at]minnanoanime.org with your availability for either day, or let an officer/committee member know!

Donations: Donate through PayPal to paypal@castlecagliostro.com (Mike Whipp) or see Mike Whipp on either day to help out financially.

About Parking!

Saturday: Weekend enforcement of parking has not started at Cal Poly (it was rumored to be starting in the Winter). You may park as allowed by the signage of the various lots near the Silo.

Sunday: For those attending Goshi on Sunday and haven't been to San Luis Obispo recently, please note that you have to start paying for street/structure parking starting at 1 PM on Sundays. The parking lots right next to Goshi are still free since they're for that plaza, but pretty much everywhere else costs money. If you are coming for movie 2 at Cal Poly the same rules as Saturday apply. Hope to see you guys this weekend!

25th Anniversary Update

Here's an update on what's happening for the 25th Minna no Anime Anniversary!

Goshi Lunch RSVP

Goshi lunch sign-ups open January 18th at 5PM! You can sign up at this link. You'll need a Minna no Anime forum account to login. Create one here, or retrieve your password from here.

There are 60 spots available, and you can sign up one additional person. Sign-ups are done in a first-come, first-served fashion, and if all spots are filled, you will be placed on a waitlist.

The lunch info:

  • The lunch is February 7, 11:30AM to 2PM at Goshi
  • $10 per person. Pay the Saturday before (February 6).
  • All-you-can-eat buffet of sushi and kitchen items
  • Free fountain drinks, tea and water
  • Sit anywhere in the restaurant!
  • If you want anything additional to what will be offered at the buffet, please bring some money with you to the restaurant.

Swap Meet

Swap Meet will be held on Saturday, February 6, 10AM to 12PM in room 3-114. If you want to be a seller, please sign up here. You'll need a Minna no Anime forum account to login. Create one here, or retrieve your password from here.

Scavenger Hunt

Take pictures of items from this list in creative, interesting ways and potentially win a prize!


  1. Your own photos only (no plagiarism!). You may work individually, in pairs or in groups.
  2. If submitting photos digitally, please resize your photos to no larger than 1600 x 1200 pixels (or 1200 x 1600 pixels).
  3. Due date: January 30, 2016 at 10PM.
  4. Email your submissions to anniversary@minnanoanime.org (25mb limit on attachments, or link us to a Google Drive/photo collection thing on the internet).
  5. Non-email submissions should go to an officer at club by the due date.


There will be two movies: Millennium Actress on Saturday at 8PM, and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time on Sunday at 3PM. Both will be shown in the Silo (room 3-213).

Monetary Donations

Paypal money through paypal@castlecagliostro.com or give cash/check to Mike Whipp during a club meeting.

Prize Donations

Please email anniversary@minnanoanime.org with what you want to donate, and the committee will respond with more information.


Email anniversary@minnanoanime.org with your availability as well as for more information.

AMV Contest

Submissions to anniversary@minnanoanime.org, please. Entries must be less than 4 minutes and PG-13.

Minna no Anime Trivia

Make categories for anime trivia by submitting a category or two to this link.

Photos of Minna History

Send us photos and videos of Minna's secret past! Email anniversary@minnanoanime.org with your photos/videos.


Here are the list of songs that will be available at the party. Request more songs by emailing anniversary@minnanoanime.org.

Minna no Anime T-Shirt Contest - Entries Due January 30, 2016!

Hey guys, sorry for the delay in getting this on the website. The club t-shirt contest is going on right now! If you are interested in designing the club t-shirt for this year please send your entry to minna-no-anime[at]minnanoanime.org. Entries are due January 30, 2016. The winning artist not only gets their design on the shirt, but they also win a free t-shirt! But wait before you do, here's some important rules!

T-Shirt Contest Rules

  • You can use 4 of any colors on top of a T-shirt color chosen from this link.
  • Don't put copyrighted/licensed characters on it, because that's a no-no.
  • It should say "Minna" or "Minna no Anime" on it in Japanese and/or English.
  • Maximum dimensions are 12" x 15" and you'll be designing the back of the shirt.
  • Resolution of 300 DPI (minimum)
  • Each color should be in a separate layer.
  • Don’t include the words “Cal Poly”

Please keep your entries to Photoshop Document (PSD) only, please!. Good luck Minna!

Minna no Room Change - Fisher Science Room 286!

Hello all! Got a quick note on the rooms for this week's meeting! Due to a scheduling conflict we are not in the Silo this week!

Minna no Anime will be in Fisher Science (Building 33) Room 286!
The discussion room will be in Fisher Science (Building 33) Room 287!

Don't go to the Silo, Go to Fisher! Sorry about the late notice, see you at Fisher Science Room 286!

Minna no Manga 2016 edition

Hey everyone! Glad all y'all survived the rain and the buses getting shut down yesterday!

Our first Minna no Manga meeting of the school year is happening TONIGHT (January 7th) in Agriculture Building Room 225 (10-225) from 6-10pm! The English and Agriculture buildings are actually connected, so make sure you go to the Ag side of the building.

Come play card games, do homework, play board games, or just hang out :D

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