End of the Year Party


So excited to announce that we have our End of the Year Party scheduled for 7pm this Sunday!! Join us on the Discord for the return of Anime Eyes and our brand new event: Minna no Millionaire (based on Who Wants to be a Millionaire). We have modified the rules for Millionaire a bit to make this a group game. As with last time, we are making two different rounds of Anime Eyes - with Round 2 intended to be more difficult than Round 1, so please keep this in mind when signing up!

Here is the schedule:

7:00 PM: Anime Eyes Round 1
7:30 PM: Anime Eyes Round 2
8:00 PM: Minna no Millionaire

If you're interested in signing up to participate in any of these events, check out This Form

Forms to Fill Out

Hey, MNA!!

The current and incoming officer teams both have some forms for you to fill out! Make sure to read them thoroughly if you have yet to go through them.

T-shirt orders are still live! We have yet to decide on a date to close orders, but make sure to get your order in ASAP.

Have thoughts on how to improve the website? Make sure to fill out this questionnaire to give Tomas some suggestions on what to start focusing on.

The Community Suggestions Voting for this year is now open! Please fill out this form by the end of next Thursday's meeting (10pm on the 13th) and follow the provided instructions.

That's all for now! See y'all later.
- Shawn

Officer Elections Results + Community Suggestions

Hello, MNA!!!!

The results are in for our 2021 - 2022 officers! I would first like to thank everyone who ran and all paid members who voted. Your dedication to this club is much appreciated by everyone and even if you did not get the position you were gunning for you can still help out and be active!

Without further ado, here is our 2021 - 2022 officer team!

Webmaster: Tomas Ludin

Event Coordinator: Michael Beath

Scribe: Conrad Kinsey

Vice President: Dominic Mares-Do

Secretary: Shawn Budwal

Treasurer: Kaela Getz

President: Wesley Deffenbaugh

Once again, thank you all very much and I look forward to a great next year!

Also, do you have any suggestions for shows that should be watched next year? If you do, let us know in the Community Suggestion Form !

The new Officers will look through this list to help decide what shows to watch next year. Please submit your suggestions by the club meeting on May 1st.

- Tomas

T-shirt Contest Results + Officer Elections Announcement

Hello, Minna no Anime!

The results of the t-shirt contest are ready! Without further ado, the design for next year will be:

More information about t-shirt orders will come soon! Congrats to Maddy Morford for winning!

Also, officer elections will begin on April 3rd and last until April 17th. As a reminder, only paid members can vote in officer elections, which is strictly enforced. You must get your membership prior to a week before elections, so don’t delay if you are interested. For more information, contact Kaela (the Treasurer).

To prospective officers:

Don't forget to turn in a speech representing yourself directly to Tomas by 7pm on election day, either through a DM or by email (send everything to tomas@ludin.org). This will be included in a Google document that will be shared with the club via the Discord server at the time of elections. Some key points you should address are: why you want to run for the officer positions that you have selected, what relevant experience you have, and how active you are in this club. You do not have to cover these topics, but it is strongly recommended, and you may also add other pertinent information. If you feel comfortable doing so, you may include what shows you would nominate for next year's schedule, but try to not make it the point of your campaign. Make sure you respond to Tomas by 7pm on April 3rd, and notify him at any time if there are changes you would like to make. This includes if you would like to change what positions you intend to run for. There are no officer interest forms this year - we will know your interests when you turn in your speech.

Here are some descriptions of the positions so that you know what you’re running/voting for!

- - -

President: The person who makes announcements at meetings, organizes officer meetings, delegates tasks as they arise, fills out paperwork (mostly in Fall Quarter), fills out Eplans (easy). We strongly recommend you have had some club experience before taking this role.

Treasurer: Manages the club funds, Fills out paperwork, manages clubs accounts and liquid assets, takes and records membership dues and info.

Secretary: The Email master, writes the Saturday email (Thursday email writing is rotated), is in charge of recording our members' contact information and wrangling the wild PHP List.

Vice-President: Traditionally in charge of important things the President delegates to them. Functions as a jack of all trades. Obviously be prepared to take over for the President if circumstances require it.

Scribe: A newer position. Serves as the record keeper for the club (like attendance, and sometimes club memes) and manages our wiki, takes notes during officer meetings and serves as an assistant to the Secretary and Webmaster.

Event Coordinator: Entails coordinating between our clubs desires and ASI's requirements. Generally goes to ASI required meetings and assists the Vice President and Treasurer. Also important in organizing Goshi and other outside events.

That's all for now!

Shawn (the Webmaster, for now)

Winter Quarter Movies

Hey, MNA!

As you may have seen in the latest email, the next week of school is week 10, which means that we'll be watching movies instead of our usual shows. If you haven't seen (or even heard of) these films, feel free to ask around or investigate, but make sure to not get spoiled.

On Thursday, March 11th, we will watch A Letter to Momo (2012) (about 2 hours long):

On Saturday, March 13th, we will watch The Dragon Dentist (2017) (about 1 and a half hours long):

See you there!
- Shawn

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