President: Andrew Harris
Favorite Anime: Ping Pong The Animation, Madoka Magica, Tatami Galaxy, Steins;Gate, Katanagatari, Shinseki Yori
Anime List:MAL

Hey all, my name is Andrew Harris, I am a 3rd year Political Science Major (Stats and Hist minors too) from San Diego (5 min north of Qualcomm Stadium). This is my third year in the club and only my fourth year into anime as a medium. I was club’s Vice President last year. Although anime is fun I also like other entertainment like movies (Stanley Kubrick, Edgar Wright, Akira Kurosawa) live action TV and video games. I am a history buff and can talk all day about it. I have a lot of experience with camping and backpacking, it’s one of my favorite activities; this past summer I worked in New Mexico at a high adventure based called Philmont. Lets see, Zion National Park is my favorite place in the world. I do like music, check out Sufjan Stevens. I figure there isn’t much to say about anime, check out my MAL, talk to me in Club, I talk a lot. I often come across as cynical of the things I find generic but do have an open mind, I promise.

Vice President: Kian Gruszcynski
Favorite Anime: Nozaki-kun, Nichijou, Snafu, ACCA 13, Ping Pong, Monogatari Series
Anime List:MAL

Hi, I'm Kian (key-on). I'm a 4th year Mechanical Engineering Major originally from San Diego. I've been in club since I started here at Cal Poly, but this is my first time being on officer (Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu). I started reading manga/manhwa in highschool and in college I transitioned to anime. That being said, most of the anime I've seen is recent. Feel free to check out what anime I like via my MAL, and if we have a high affinity let me know (I tend to like shows by Studio Bones). Besides anime, I am also into video games (Overwatch, Nintendo, and puzzle games), board games, and webcomics. IF you are new, I'll probably be friendly and introduce myself before regressing back to introversion in following meetings. However, you should definitely come and talk with me in club. I'd be happy to answer any question or just talk about anything.

Treasurer: David Tuan Le
Favorite Anime: Cardcaptor Sakura,  Gundam Franchise, Monogatari Series, Gatchaman, Rurouni Kenshin, Trigun
Favorite Manga: Uzumaki, Cardcaptor Sakura, Hataraku Seibou, xxxHolic, Rurouni Kenshin.

Hey I'm David Le and this is my first time as an officer for Minna no Anime. This will be the start of my Third year with Minna and I wanted to contribute to the club by becoming an officer. Since you are reading this it might be your first time showing up to anime club. I remember my first time was over the summer during quarter plus and I checked out the anime club at the school. I talked to the first person I saw in the room and then we watched lots of anime. Now I am here today as the treasurer of Minna no Anime. The moral of this lame story is don't be shy and make connections in any way possible.

Now some facts about me. I am a Biological Sciences Major concentrating in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Hataraku Seibou is a gag manga about cells in the body which exaggerates systems in the body like pollen allergies and makes it really comical while being factually accurate. I also like horror manga but there are not a lot of good horror anime out there.

I am usually playing my daily smartphone game usually in Japanese in the fourth or fifth row of the silo during the 10 minute breaks during Minna no Anime. Come talk to me about video games ( any kind not just smartphone games), manga, anime and school stuff.

Secretary: Michael Hendricks
Favorite Anime: Flip Flappers, Inferno Cop, Katanagatari, Kyousou Giga, Little Witch Academia, Mushishi Shinsekai Yori, Yuru Yuri

Salutations everyone, I am Michael Hendricks, your Minna no Anime secretary for this year. I’ll be writing up a lot of the weekly emails and generally being in charge of communication with all you wonderful folks out there. I’m a 4th-year ARCE major, and even though this is my first year as an officer, I’ve been involved in this club every year while I’ve been here. I’m a fan of animation as a medium in general, with my favorite shows of all time being Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall. Those shows aren’t Japanese though, so we won’t be watching them in this club. In terms of anime, I have fairly eclectic taste. If I were held at gunpoint and asked my favorite genres, I’d probably say Adventure, Action, and Slice of Life. But I think my taste is pretty varied beyond that, and I generally try to keep an open mind. If you ever want to chat or insult my taste in cartoons, I’ll be the tall, scrawny dude with glasses and an unkempt beard, probably sitting somewhere near the center of the room.

Webmaster: Hannah Wilkins
Favorite Anime: Haikyuu!, Yona of the Dawn, Noragami, Rokka-Braves of the Flower, Magica Madoka
Favorite Manga: From Far Away, Black Cat, Dengeki Daisy, Psyren, Tokyo Ghoul, Sword Art Online Progressive

Hey Minna! My name’s Hannah Wilkins, and I’m a third year Graphic Communications major (also a third year Minna member). I’m the webmaster again this year, and one of the few survivors of last year's officers, as many of this year’s (new) officers were involved in a coup to overthrow last year’s officers from their positions. My duties involve keeping the website up-to-date and other technical stuff such as getting Goshi ready every quarter, and a bunch of other stuff that is important to keeping the website in order. I am a huge Pokémon fan (games, Adventures manga, not anime so much, fanfictions). I am not ashamed.

I’m more of a reader, so manga is more up my alley, but I’m not going to turn down a good anime. Adventure, fantasy, romance, and humor are my favorite genres! I guess those genres fall into my books and games as well as the shows I like. If you love to write or draw, come see me and we can chat!! I love ANYTHING Japanese, and can’t wait hope that everyone has a great year! Anime is MUCH more fun with more people to share the laughing, crying, and cursing! :D

Club 'Scribe': Justin Rosescu

Favorite Anime: Girls und Panzer, Beck, idolm@ater Cinderella Girls, Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova, The Wind Rises
Anime List: MAL

Greetings, my name is Justin Rosescu. I'm a 4th year Aerospace Engineering Major, and I will be acting as the club record keeper. Basically, all I do is take notes at club meetings and keep the club wiki on the website up-to-date (Did you know we have a wiki? Check it out!). I've immersed myself in games like Love Live and idolm@ster, and thus condemned myself to Idol Hell. Apart from that, I play Kantai Collection very liberally. I try not to let it get the best of me, because God knows I shouldn't have enough free time to partake in these activities, let alone watch the anime of the current season or on my extensive backlog. Speaking of anime, I've seen a few: list is located at the top of this description. I tend to like military-themed anime like Girls und Panzer, GATE, and Ars Nova, but I'm also a sucker for shows that pull on your heartstrings like Plastic Memories and Your Lie in April. For the most part, I'm willing to watch anything, provided I actually have the time to watch it (my backlog is unreasonably large for a reason). But yeah, if you want to talk anything military or hang out with a poor soul stuck in Idol Hell, hook me up! I can also answer certain questions pertaining to airplane design, if that is a concern you have and you happen to run into me. Planes are cool.

Event Coordinator: Omar Rosales

Because Omar did not turn in his bio to the Webmaster, this image was placed here. He shall accept his punishment.