Minna no Anime is a club oriented around Japanese animation. Some call it cartoon, others call it Japanimation - it is all one and the same. Here at Cal Poly, we show all kinds of anime: drama, romance, action, science fiction, and comedy. The club itself is over twenty years old, as it was founded in May 1991! We hope that it will continue its rich tradition and stay around for many years to come.

Meetings are held on campus in the Business building (03-213) every Saturday from 5-10pm. Check the schedule for the shows we're showing this year.


What makes Minna no Anime work? Its members, of course! It is because of member support that Minna no Anime is able to provide the quality programs that are shown each week. Although membership is optional, it certainly helps the club!

To become a member, just speak with an officer during a meeting. There will also be opportunities at the begining of each year for everyone to establish or renew their membership. Membership fees are $10.00 per year or $5.00 per quarter.

Membership provides discounts to most everything Minna no Anime provides (e.g. t-shirts), is required for access to the Minna no Anime video library, to win any prizes from Minna no Anime contests and to run for officer positions.


Minna no Anime meetings are held in building 03, room 213 (the Silo) on the California State Polytechnic University Campus in San Luis Obispo, CA.

    From Morro Bay via southbound Highway 1:
  • As you enter SLO, turn left on Highland Ave (stoplight).
  • Turn right on California Blvd (first stop sign).
  • Go to the first stop sign.
  • Park in the lot to your left.
  • Go up one of the ramps to your right, MnA meets in the circular auditorium straight across the lawn.

  • From Highway 101 (either northbound or southbound):
  • Take the California Blvd. offramp.
  • Turn right onto California Blvd. at the stop sign.
  • Drive a little over a mile, under the bleachers for the stadium.
  • Park in one of the street spaces (staff or metered) just past the stadium.
  • MnA meets in the circular auditorium straight across the lawn.

Click here for a Google Maps street view looking toward the Silo.

Printable Campus Map

Minna no Anime meets in Building 3, Business, located on the left hand side of the map. Park either on California Street (marked as C4) or in the nearby staff lot (marked as C7).

On-campus parking is free on the weekends, except in spaces marked "24/7" or similar.


Please direct questions via e-mail to

or via postal mail to:

Minna no Anime
UU Box #277
Cal Poly
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407