Minna no Manga: Room 10-221 for Spring Quarter

We've got the official room number for Minna no Manga! Meet us in room 10-221, the Ag building, from 6-10PM on Thursdays for games, homework, talking about your favorite anime/manga - AKA socialize with your fellow club members! You might even be able to convince officers to change what the fansub of the week is for Minna no Anime... Huuhuuhuu~

Open House Info: in Spot C22-24, starting 6:30AM

Open House is tomorrow, 4/12! Our booth is at C22-24 in the lot between the Ag and Math Buildings. Setup begins 6:30AM, selling food starts around 9AM, and tear down starts around 4-5PM, but come at any time~ We will not have a regular Minna no Anime meeting because of Open House, so we would love if people could come to help out at our booth or just hang out!

At Open House, club sells award-winning yakitori (chicken skewers), rice, and soda. This is the time of the year that club gets a huge amount of fundraising money to provide members with the anime MnA shows, prizes, and Halloween Party, so any help we get is very much appreciated!

If you'd like to help out, we'd really appreciate help in these areas:

  • Promote club at our information booth
  • Handing out sodas
  • Skewering chicken
  • Barbequing chicken
  • Cooking rice
  • Handing out food orders

As thanks for helping us out, you'll get a free meal every 3 hours! And if you're even hungrier than that, you can get a meal every hour by helping skewer chicken! Quite a deal, yeah? A meal consists of 2 chicken skewers, a bed of rice, and one soda - delicious~

To help represent club, please wear a MnA T-shirt or cosplay that's comfortable and family-friendly. If you don't have either, you can borrow a T-shirt at the booth or buy one from $10-20.

Some safety stuff if you're coming to help us out:

  • Loose Hair: please have it tied back, especially when working with food
  • Shoes: Wear closed-toe shoes
  • UV Rays of Doom: Please wear sunscreen!
  • Keep Hydrated: Bring a bottle of water or money to buy water. We sell water for $0.75!

If you plan on hanging out with us for awhile, we encourage bringing chairs and umbrellas. For the info booth, if you have anime paraphernalia that you'd like to display, please bring some! Please keep in mind to be family-friendly, though~

Are y'all ready for this? AWW YEAH OPEN HOUSE FOOOOOD


Minna no Manga for this Thursday, April 3 (6 - 10 pm) will be in Building 10 Room 221, 222, or 111. Check them in that order, you'll probably be able to hear us. The rest of the quarter will be in room 221. Except for next week, April 10, which is cancelled because we'll be busy prepping for Open House (woot!).

Minna no Anime for this Saturday, April 5 (5 - 10 pm) will be in Building 3 Room 113. The rest of the quarter will be in the silo (Building 3 Room 213). Except for the following Saturday, because that's Open House! On April 12, instead of watching anime, come check us out between the math and ag buildings and buy delicious chicken and rice, or help run the booth for free food!

New Officers!

Officer election voting is now over! The officers for 2014-2015 are...

  • President: Cody Hunt
  • Vice President: Isaac Cameron
  • Treasurer: Jacky Tuking
  • Secretary: Andrew Elliott
  • Alumni Advisor: Scott Melot
  • Webmaster: Nicole "Mouse" Martin

Congratulations new officers! I hope you guys have a successful run next year~

Vote for Next Year's Officers: Ends 3/15, 6:45PM

The candidates have made their speeches! Vote for next year's officers here: Officer Election Voting, ends 3/15 at beginning of Dinner Break (6:45PM).

You must be a paid member in order to vote as well as have a MnA forum account. If you are not a paid member, see an officer at one of our meetings before the beginning of Dinner Break next week.

Two candidates have already won their positions! They are

  • Jacky Tuking for Treasurer
  • Andrew Elliott for Secretary
And next year's webmaster is... Nicole "Mouse" Martin!

Unfortunately, we did not receive any candidates for Club Artist, so it won't be part of the officership next year.

If you have any problems with voting, questions, etc., please email webmaster@minnanoanime.org and we'll get back to you!

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