Minna no Anniversary - Let the Games Begin

Hey guys! I hope you are enjoying your hard earned break! More details have been made available by the Minna no Anniversary Committee and their secretary. Or is that secretaries? I am confused. Anyway please have a safe and enjoyable break!

Hey, Minna...

The current anniversary secretary is writing up an email, but... I know y'all want it pronto, right? Gotta read about anniversary stuff before Thanksgiving, right? Yeah. Yeah. I'm giving you the deets right here, right now.

The Locations and Times of This Wonderful Party

Anniversary will be held Saturday, February 6, from 10 AM to 10 PM in the Silo and the surrounding classrooms! On Sunday, February 7, we'll have lunch at Goshi from 11:30 AM to 2 PM and then move to Fisher Science for a movie from 3 PM to 5-ish PM.

Do I hear a question about what exactly we'll be doing for the event? No fear, questioner, for I have some answers for you!

Here's a sample of the events we're doing for 25th Anniversary!!!

  • Delicious Anniversary Cake
  • AMV Contest Returns!
  • Minna no Anime Trivia
  • Photos of Minna History
  • Karaoke, Round 2
  • Movie Nights~
  • Goshi Lunch on a Sunday (Scandalous!)


Delicious Anniversary Cake

Cake is so good, oh man. I love cake. I hope there's ice cream in it, too, 'cause ice cream cake just takes cake to that next level- oh wait, we won't have a fridge at the party... jk guys it'll just be a really fancy, pretty cake with AWESOME breading and SCRUMPTIOUS frosting. Now I'm just making myself hungry...

AMV Contest Returns!

Remember this contest from a few years ago at Halloween Party? Well, we're bringing it back for the 25th! Got a sweet AMV that you've been wanting to submit? Send it our way at anniversary[at]minnanoanime.org or bring the file with you to the party and enter it before Saturday, Feb. 6, 5 PM. Make sure it's PG-13 and 4 minutes or less, dawggg

Minna no Anime Trivia

It's a "Minna" no Anime Trivia! Everyone can make categories for trivia! Get it? "Minna" means "everyone"? ...Yeah ok that was kinda dumb BUT ANYWAY this trivia's soooo different from Halloween Party 'cause, like, the officers make the trivia stuff for Halloween Party, but now you can experience the fun and frustration of making categories for Anime Trivia!

Submit as many categories as you like through this link here. However, only one of your categories may get chosen depending on how many entrants there are. There will be a grand total of 20 categories chosen, so start spamming that submission link!!! (Please note that there's a few rules for what you can submit for Anime Trivia, and you can find those rules in the submission form, yo)

Photos of Minna History

I know some of you have photos of Minna sitting on your hard drives... so bust 'em out! Show 'em off to the rest of us at the party! Submit any photos you've got of club to anniversary[at]minnanoanime.org by Friday, Feb. 5, 5 PM. We'll put them all together and make a special something for you all~

Karaoke, Round 2

Remember karaoke from Halloween Party? We'll be doing the same thing again, but hopefully this time with a microphone and a stand. Let's all listen to each other sing "A Cruel Angel's Thesis" and blast it out to the world through a mic! Here's the list of songs that will be at the party. If you don't see something in that list and want to add it to our song repository, please email anniversary[at]minnanoanime.org and we'll see if we can get that anime song!

Movie Nights~

We're gonna do a movie!! On Saturday!!! And Sunday!!!! So many movies!!!!! One movie will be at the end of the day on Saturday (probs 7-10 PM), and the other movie will be after Goshi lunch on Sunday (3-5ish PM, diggitydog). But ya see... we want to hear your thoughts about what movies you like that club has shown throughout the years. Here's the link to let us know what movies you like!! Fill it out, give us the infos!

But wait... if you click on that link, you'll notice that we're also asking questions about Goshi! Which brings me to the next section...

Goshi Lunch on a Sunday (Scandalous!)

Goshi's being really, REALLY generous to us and basically giving us the whole restaurant to ourselves for lunch on Sunday. This is really special since they're not open on Sundays for lunch! But we wanna make it even more special. We're upping the ante and have asked Goshi to prepare one of these things for the lunch: buffet, bento boxes or just the regular ol' Goshi menu. But!! We wanna hear your guys' opinions on the matter - let us know at this link!

Ok. Ok. So, I've written all the events that the current secretary's writing, but now I'm gonna let you guys know all the other events! 'Cause I know that's what you all really want, amirite? All right, so the next event isawpoeijsavlskd

OH SHOOT THE SECRETARY SAW ME ON THE COMPUTER, OH NO OH NO UM WELL if you have any questions and stuff, email anniversary[at]minnanoanime.org!!! Yeah!! Hahaha I better skedaddle before I get fired... or... I could just use the time machine in the backroom... tell my past self to stop writingOKAY I GOTTA RUN

Written by your favorite (former) anniversary secretary! Who is now a former anniversary committee member! Heh! Haha! Hahahahahha

Football Game Warning!!

Just giving you guys a heads up, there's a football game today. The parking will be bad, so watch out.

Minna no 25th Anniversary!

Hey all the following e-mail was just sent out to our mailing lists from the Minna no Anniversary committee regarding the next big Minna event: Minna no 25th Anniversary!
Hello, fellow Minna members and alumni!

This school year represents a special time for Minna, one that brings fond memories of yesteryear and beyond. Think back to a time when Minna no Anime used to only meet once a month on Fridays and membership was $1 a year... What a time that was, back in 1991... Wait... 2016 minus 1991 equals... OH MY GOSH

IT'S HERE! The 25th Anniversary of Minna no Anime!!!

You heard me right, folks: Minna no Anime turns 25 in 2016, and what better way to celebrate our club's mid-20s than with a party? Of course, it's getting closer to the big three-zero, so instead of a 1-day party... we're upping the ante and doing two whole days!

The 25th Anniversary Party will be held Saturday and Sunday, February 6-7, 2016. Wao!

We, the anniversary committee, would like your input about what you want to see at this fantastical celebration of a club with a long and rich history. What events do you wanna participate in? Do you love Goshi? How many friends can you bring along? Is that date even a good date for you to go? Do you love Tsurugi?

Leave us feedback at this link to let us know what you wanna see!

In the meantime, my dear Minna friends,
πŸ‘‹Staaaay Freeesh!!πŸ‘‹

Minna no Anime's 25th Anniversary Committee

Parking Fun and Other Reminders

Hey all, it's your friendly alumni advisor with some quick reminders.

  • Reminder! We're in in Building 33 Room 286 (Fisher Science) again this week. The discussion room will be in Building 33 Room 287.
  • It's a football game this weekend! Also, parents weekend and homecoming. So if you're coming from off campus be prepared for parking scarcity. Carpool if you can!
  • Sign-ups are available for Halloween party! You can sign up day of or click here!
  • Want to sing your heart out? We're having karaoke and taking requests for new songs here. For the current list of songs please click here. Thank you again to Annaliese for the hard drive, song list, karaoke videos and just being plain awesome
See you Saturday!

Minna no Halloween Approaches!

Greetings Everyone!

It's that time of year again. Pumpkins are appearing in grocery stores, candy is getting seasonal orange packaging, and I start wondering about the proper holiday classification of "The Nightmare Before Christmas". That's right, it's Halloween time!

As returning Minna members know, the Halloween Party is Minna no Anime's biggest event of the year, an all-day festival of Minna awesomeness on October 31st! It'll be in the business building (Rooms 03-112, 03-113, 03-114, and 03-213) from 10 AM - 10 PM. Rather than our usual gig of watching anime, our Halloween Party is an opportunity for all of us that love anime to compete in various events related to anime, for fun and (if you're a paid member) prizes! Here's the descriptions for the events we're putting on this year:


Anime Eyes: The goal of this event is to accurately guess an anime character by looking at a pixelated image of them. The longer the image is displayed on-screen, the less pixelated the image gets, and the easier it is to guess. Each character you correctly identify nets you a certain amount of points, the more the character is pixelated when you guess it the more points it's worth! You can guarantee yourself a spot in one of the rounds here or sign up on the spot!

Anime Trivia: Similar to Jeopardy, but anime-themed. Whether you're aiming to win the entire thing or you're just curious about what's in store, answering these anime trivia questions will test your wits and memory like nothing else. You can guarantee yourself a spot in one of the rounds here or sign up on the spot!

Video Game Tournament: Come test your video-game playing skills in a tournament for a game carefully selected to be something that no one is actually good at going in. This year we've picked STARWHAL, America's #1 local multi-player space narwhal fighting game. There's like 90 narwhal costumes in it! You can guarantee yourself a spot in one of the rounds here or sign up on the spot!

Pumpkin Carving: Carve a pumpkin with some sort of image that you think Minna people will enjoy! Winners determined by popular vote. Images of you with a pumpkin you've carved this year also acceptable, but the actual physical pumpkin is greatly preferred. We're on Halloween this year so the pumpkins should actually have some structural integrity!

Cosplay Contest: Come show off your cosplay! Whether you're dressed as a character from anime, manga, or something else entirely, we'd love to see you compete! Homemade costumes only please. It also helps us a lot if you bring a reference picture for your character so we can compare you with the person you're cosplaying as! This category is among those determined by popular vote.

Art Contest: Submit a piece of anime-related art that you're proud of, and we'll determine by popular vote which one appeals to the largest portion of club members. 2D Art only please! You can bring in a print, bring it in on a flash drive, or send it in with your name as a reply to this email.


Each event we have in our Halloween Party schedule has a prize attached to it. Any paid member of Minna is eligible to win these. Minna membership costs are $5 a quarter or $10 for the year. If you'd like to compete in the contests, but don't want any of the prizes, talk to one of the current officers so we know to take you out of the judging!

As well as a prize for first place in each of the events above, you can also compete for a grand prize! The winner of the grand prize is whoever did the best overall throughout Anime Eyes, Anime Trivia, the Pumpkin Carving Contest, the Art Contest and the Cosplay Contest. The more events you compete in and the better you do in each of them the likelier you are to win the

Without further ado, here are the prizes:

Anime Trivia (1st Place): $30 Right Stuf gift certificate Anime Eyes (1st Place): $30 Right Stuf gift certificate Cosplay Contest (1st Place): $30 Right Stuf gift certificate Video Game Tournament (1st Place): $15 Right Stuf gift certificate Pumpkin Carving Contest (1st Place): $15 Right Stuf gift certificate Art Contest (1st Place): $15 Right Stuf gift certificate

Grand Prize (Overall Winner): Two tickets to a fandom-related convention of your choice! We're capping the amount earned for this prize based on AX ticket costs, (currently $65 a ticket).

Grand Prize (Runner-Up): One ticket to a fandom-related convention of your choice!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will only earn the largest prize for which you are eligible. The runner-up will get the smaller prize. For example, if you are the Grand Prize Winner and also won Anime Trivia, the Anime Trivia prize will go to second place in Anime Trivia, assuming they are not already winning a prize.



Minna no Anime is once again running a karaoke event! This is our annual opportunity for club members past and present to sing anime OPs and EDs for the amusement of themselves and others. Minna alum Annaliese has not only graciously donated a hard drive for the purpose of holding anime music for karaoke, but has filled it with songs out of her own personal collection! If you know her say thanks. The songs we currently have on it can be found here. If you want to sing a song that's not on that list, either bring it yourself or suggest it here. We'll try our best to get to all suggestions, but no guarantees. Please be specific with your requests!


When people get hungry we'll be ordering pizza! We'll be selling pizza for $1/slice and soda for 50Β’/can.


We've reserved four rooms for the Halloween Party, all in the Business Building.

03-112: Anime Trivia/ Anime Eyes room

03-113: Hangout/Discussion room. In the past people have also used this room for the trading/gifting of manga and anime. Last year, a kind soul also brought candy.
03-114: Video Game room. This is where the video game tournament will be held. Feel free to bring your own game setups for any game you want to coerce people into playing! An officer will be posted in this room to make sure belongings are kept safe.


10:00 AM – Official Start of Halloween Party
10:30 AM – Anime Trivia Round 1
11:15 AM – Anime Eyes Round 1
12:00 PM – Anime Trivia Round 2
12:45 PM – Anime Eyes Round 2
1:30 PM – Anime Trivia Round 3
2:15 PM – Anime Eyes Round 3
3:00 PM – Anime Trivia Finals Round
3:45 PM – Anime Eyes Finals Round
4:30 PM – Video Game Tournament
5:45 PM – Dinner Break
6:45 PM – Pumpkin Carving Contest
7:00 PM – Art Contest
7:15 PM – Cosplay Contest
7:45 PM – Karaoke
8:15 PM – Winner Announcements
8:45 PM – More Karaoke!
10:00 PM – End of Halloween Party

Hope to see you at the party!

Curtis Hilgenberg

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