Are You Ready For Some Football?!

Hey all! This Saturday is Minna no Anime's second meeting of the quarter! This Saturday is also Cal Poly's second home football game of the quarter! Minna veterans know what that means: a conspicuous shortage of parking spaces! I hear tell that in the past there was often parking open around the library, near the math building, near Fisher Science, and near the Admin building, but with the construction in the PAC parking lot, who knows. It might not be a bad idea to show up a tad early to make sure that you get to club on time.

Also, if you missed last week you can catch up on almost all of them by using these super handy links. We will also be reshowing episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 1 today since it is unavailable streaming. Last Exile is also available on Funimation.

First Minna no Manga meeting of the year!!!


Hey everyone!

Our first Minna no Manga meeting of the school year is happening TONIGHT (October 1st) in English Building Room 212 (22-212) from 6-10pm! The English and Agriculture buildings are actually connected, so make sure you go to the 212 in the English side of the building.

Come play card games, do homework, play board games, or just hang out :D

Club Showcase and 2015 Schedule

Hello everyone!

First of all, Club showcase is tomorrow. We're going to be at club showcase space C13 tomorrow (Sunday) to introduce the newcomers to Minna, so come and hang out! As far as we can figure out, it's about halfway down Mustang Way, we'll post on the website when we know exactly where. Our setup starts at 6:15 AM and help would be appreciated! If you're bringing enough stuff to want to drive in, reply to this email or text an officer. Feel free to bring anime figures, manga (in moderation) and the like to make our booth pretty! The actual club showcase is from 9 AM until Noon, so stop by and hang out even if you aren't bringing anything!

What we're watching:

Here's a schedule of what we're watching on Saturdays, with handy-dandy timestamps. We're pretty good at starting at the right time for things, so if you want to come in just to watch one or two shows you'll be sure not to miss them! Without further ado, the schedule:
5:10 PM - Simulcast of the Week*
5:35 PM - Last Exile
6:10 PM - Haikyuu!!
6:35 PM - Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun) / Barakamon **
8:05 PM - Taisho Baseball Girls (Taishou Yakyuu Musume) / Noragami **
8:30 PM - Your lie in April (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso)
9:05 PM - Tiger & Bunny
9:30 PM - Neon Genesis Evangelion (Shinseiki Evangelion)
* Voted on by members, usually a reasonably current show we stream from Crunchyroll
** For shows with short seasons, we watch one of them in a timeslot until we run out of episodes, then swap over to the other one.

Where we are:

On Saturdays, we're in 03-213, findable via or the Cal Poly app. Or just ask a nearby senpai where to find the business building and go to the massive circular building in it. The Thursday room location will be on our site once we have a room secured.

Further Saturday Anime Info

Club meets Saturday from 5 PM-10 PM in 'The Silo' in the Business Building (Building 3 Room 213). We watch 1 episode per show per week (as per the above schedule), though we reserve the right to occasionally shift that around to make all of the varying length shows fit into the time we have available. Another thing you should know about ('cause I totally didn't know it existed for my first few weeks of club) is that on Saturdays we also rent out a discussion room right near the room where we watch anime.


This Saturday (8/29/15), Minna no Anime is having a picnic! We're going to be at Laguna Lake Park starting at 2pm and going till whenever people get tired. We have an RSVP sheet setup here. If you want to bring food to share, please put it on the sheet so we don't end up with 16 bags of Lays® Potato Chips and no way to stay hydrated! Also, if you need a ride or have seats to spare, please put that on the sheet too.

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' - this Tuesday (8/11) 7:00 pm at The Fremont!

(Posting this on Curtis's behalf....)

Do you like Dragonball Z? How about Dragonball Z MOVIES? If so, good news! The Fremont Theatre right here in San Luis Obispo will be playing DRAGONBALL Z: RESURRECTION F on Tuesday, August 11th. With the speed I get notices out, that's most probably this coming Tuesday! If you're in the area and are caught up with the series, you should go watch it, and support these nice folks bringing anime films to SLO! Maybe if we're very lucky, this will be the catalyst to bring Kizumonogatari to America when it releases! MY OPTIMISM KNOWS NO BOUNDS AND NEITHER SHOULD YOUR DESIRE TO WATCH THIS FILM! GO TO this url FOR MORE INFORMATION AND HAVE A NICE DAY!

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