T-shirt Contest Rules!

Design club's 2014-2015 T-shirt!

  • You can use 4 of any colors on top of a T-shirt color chosen from this link.
  • Don't put copyrighted/licensed characters on it, because that's a no-no.
  • It should say "Minna" or "Minna no Anime" on it in Japanese and/or English.
  • Maximum dimensions are 12" x 15" and you'll be designing the back of the shirt.

Other than that, anything goes, really! It just has to be appropriate for a school campus, of course. Submit multiple entries and make club proud! If you win, you get a free copy of the shirt you designed! The shirts will be voted on by club members, and then you guys can preorder shirts and hoodies. T-shirt designs will be due January 31 (the 4th meeting in Winter quarter). I know it seems far-off, but really that's only 2 months away at this point! So get cracking!

EDIT: Email your entries to minna-no-anime@minnanoanime.org, or bring them in on Saturday, January 31 in either flash drive or physical form. Entries are due at 7PM. You have about a month left, so good luck!

Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Broadcasts

Thanks for showing up at Halloween Party guys, I had a blast (even if I was pretty dead at the end).

We'll be resuming the shows you see on the right-hand side of this screen this Saturday with episode 6 of each. If you need to catch up, boy do I have links for you:

Log Horizon(make sure you select season 1)
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet
The Devil is a Part-Timer!
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex(dub only)
Kokoro Connect
From the New World
The Future Diary

Halloween Party is THIS WEEKEND and NOT in the Silo!

Halloween Party is here! Look to the post below for basically everything you need to know. It will NOT be in the Silo, it'll be in Fisher Science (Building 33).

Anime will not be shown this week (sadly) and will resume with episode 6 of everything on the following Saturday, November 8.

If you need to catch up, check out the sweet list I have of online streaming sources (you'll see ads though D: )

Log Horizon(make sure you select season 1)
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet
The Devil is a Part-Timer!
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex(dub only)
Kokoro Connect
From the New World
The Future Diary

Halloween Party 2014 - November 1

It's time for Halloween Party! This year it's November 1, the day after the for reals Halloween, and it's located in Fisher Science (Building 33). We've reserved rooms 286, 287, and 289 for the Main, Games, and ~Mystery~ rooms respectively. We have games and contests and prizes and fun times for all! We will also be selling pizza and soda at dinner time for super cheap ($1/slice and 50¢/can).
See the Rooms, Contests, Schedule, Prizes, and Karaoke below, and sign up for Anime Eyes, Anime Trivia, and Nidhogg Tournament HERE. If you don't know when you'll be there, that's fine too; you can also sign up on the spot.


- Main Room: Room 286
This is where Anime Eyes and Trivia will take place, as well as the after-dinner popular vote contests and karaoke.

- Game Room: Room 287
This is where there will be video games: so many video games! ...But we officers don't actually have enough video games or video game equipment, so PLEASE bring any TVs, consoles, and games that you can bring (and feel comfortable with bringing). There will be an officer watching the room all day. This room will close at 6:30 PM for the main events, so please consider packing up during Dinner Break; you can keep your things in the Main room under our watchful eyes until the end of the night, if that's easier for you.

- ~Mystery Room~: Room 289
If you're tired or just want some peace and quiet, go to this room and feel at peace. I'm not going to lie, this is just a fancy name for a break room, but there's always the possibility that it could be filled with tasty snacks. Who knows?!?!?!?


There are 6 individual contests as well as the awe-inspiring ~Grand Prize~.
Note: Paid membership is required to win prizes (NOT to participate, we want everyone to participate!) because that's how we pay for them. You can just give us $5 before participating, or $10 if you really like us *blush* (and $10 is cheaper for the year if you plan on sticking around).
Secondary note: AMV contest has been dropped due to lack of participation.
Tertiary note: If any one of cosplay, art, or jack-o-lantern contests have less than 3 entries, that prize will be forfeit and entrants may be entitled to a participation prize. So if you were on the fence about entering, go for it!
Now, on to the contests:

- Anime Trivia: Choose your category and point value from 100 to 500, and the first person to buzz in correctly gets the points! Buzz in incorrectly and lose points :(. There are 2 boards of 5 categories each per preliminary round. There are 3 preliminary rounds followed by a 3-board finals round! Prize: $30 Right Stuf gift certificate. Sign up here or on the spot.

- Anime Eyes: An anime character will be shown on the screen, but with a pixel size of 100! As the pixel size shrinks and the image becomes clearer, buzz in to score points. If you guess incorrectly, you lose points, so be careful! As with trivia, there are 3 preliminary rounds, each with 40 images, followed by a finals round of 55 images. Prize: $30 Right Stuf gift certificate. Sign up here or on the spot.

- Cosplay Contest: All of the cosplayers line up in front of the audience. The audience then silently votes for their favorite 2 or 3 costumes (depending on the number of participants) while the officers tally the votes. If there is no clear winner, a re-vote will be cast from among the top-voted costumes. Please note: Do not enter the contest with a mass-produced costume. Also, if you have an image of your character that you would like to display as a reference to the audience, email it to this address or bring it to the contest. Prize: PMX 2015 Ticket.

- Nidhogg Tournament: That's right, we're having a Nidhogg tournament! Nidhogg is a pretty cool 2-player competitive game about fencing and being eaten by giant flying snakes. I have heard great things; check out gameplay on the interwebs. There will be a single or double-elimination tournament depending on time constraints. Prize: PMX 2015 Ticket. Sign up here or on the spot.

- Art Contest: Enter your art to show off your talent, and maybe win a prize! Please limit your art to 2 dimensions only; digital and physical media are O.K. As with cosplay contest, the winner will be decided by popular vote. Entries are due at the start of the contest. Digital entries can be emailed to this address or brought via flash drive. Prize: $15 Right Stuf gift certificate.

- Jack-O-Lantern Contest: Bring your Halloween pumpkin carving to show it off and maybe win a prize! It doesn't have to necessarily be anime-themed, but I'm sure that will make more people vote for it. Club will be providing lighting, so don't worry about bringing a candle. As with cosplay and art contests, the winner will be decided by popular vote. Prize: $15 Right Stuf gift certificate.

- ~Grand Prize~: The ~Grand Prize~ winner is determined by weighting scores from Trivia, Eyes, Cosplay, Art, and Jack-O-Lantern contests. If you participate in all of them, you have a higher chance of winning, but your ranking does matter in the calculation. ~Grand Prize~: $100 towards anime convention ticket(s) plus spending money! Runner Up: $50 towards an anime convention ticket plus spending money!


10:00 AM - Start!
10:30 AM - Anime Trivia Round 1
11:15 AM - Anime Eyes Round 1
12:00 PM - Anime Trivia Round 2
12:45 PM - Anime Eyes Round 2
1:30 PM - Anime Trivia Round 3
2:15 PM - Anime Eyes Round 3
3:00 PM - Anime Trivia Finals
3:45 PM - Anime Eyes Finals
4:30 PM - Nidhogg Tournament
5:45 PM - Dinner Break! Pizza $1/slice, Soda 50¢/can
6:30 PM - Game Room Closes :(
6:45 PM - Jack-O-Lantern Contest
7:00 PM - Art Contest
7:15 PM - Cosplay Contest
7:45 PM - Karaoke!
8:15 PM - Winner Announcements!!
10:00 PM - Time to go home :(


You can participate in everything above without paying membership, but you can't win any prizes :(. In order to win prizes, you must locate an officer and pay for membership for either the quarter ($5) or the year ($10) BEFORE you participate in the contest (we'll give you a chance before it begins). We don't want any sketchy activity like winning a contest and only then paying for membership, because that's totally unfair. Other benefits to membership include access to our lending library, discounts on the latest and greatest club T-shirts, potential future giveaways, and the ability to run for an officer position (and thus choose what we show next year)! On to the Halloween Prizes:

Anime Trivia: $30 Right Stuf gift certificate. Sign up here!
Anime Eyes: $30 Right Stuf gift certificate. Sign up here!
Cosplay Contest: PMX 2015 Ticket.
Nidhogg Tournament: PMX 2015 Ticket. Sign up here!
Art Contest: $15 Right Stuf gift certificate.
Jack-O-Lantern Contest: $15 Right Stuf gift certificate.
~Grand Prize~: $100 towards anime convention ticket(s) plus spending money!
Runner Up: $50 towards an anime convention ticket plus spending money!


The great and powerful guest DJ Annaliese will run it again this year! At karaoke we make fools of ourselves singing the OP and ED songs to various anime together. Annaliese has historically made forum request threads for new songs to be added to her collection (you can find the old ones in the Events forum) but can't guarantee the fulfillment of any requests for this year. So if you want to sing to an OP/ED that isn't on those lists, bring it to karaoke!

Projector Woes D:

Hey guys!

We're really really really sorry about the projector issues! We keep telling Media Distribution Services (MDS) that the settings are bad and they keep telling us it's not broken because none of the teachers are complaining about issues with their nice black-text-on-white-background PowerPoint lectures :(

ANYWAY. Luckily there are streaming options you can use to catch up if you'd like!

Crunchyroll has From the New World so you can rewatch episodes 1-4 and see exactly what happened to those Monster Rats.

Funimation has Future Diary so you can see why Yuki GTFO'ed.

That's all for now. See y'all at Minna no Manga!

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